The war of words between two rival factions of the All India Chess Federation continued on Thursday with joint secretary Naresh Sharma taking exception to treasurer Kishor Bandrekar’s “rowdy” remark at a recent meeting in Bhopal.

Bandrekar, who owns allegiance to the AICF President PR Venketrama Raja faction, termed Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan-led unit’s recent behaviour during a meeting as “rowdy”, which didn’t go down well with Sharma, who belongs to the latter’s side.

“I condemn the Treasurer for calling my colleagues in AICF and esteemed colleagues of various chess associations ‘rowdy’,” Sharma said in a statement.

He also denied that Chauhan was involved in mike snatching at the meeting as alleged by the federation Treasurer. The AICF President and Secretary have been loggerheads over various issues.

AICF Treasurer Bandrekar, on Monday, alleged the Federation Secretary Chauhan snatched mikes and spoke on issues outside the agenda at the December 28 meeting in Bhopal and that he was lustily cheered by his “rowdy” supporters.

“After the meeting, the AICF Treasurer Kishor Bandrekar has issued a press release alleging that Federation Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan snatched mikes and spoke on issues outside the agenda and was lustily cheered by his rowdy supporters,” Sharma said.

He said that certain issues had cropped up due to conspiracy by a section of AICF officials.

“I’d like to use this opportunity to clarify certain issues that have propped up of late due to conspiracy by a section of AICF officials to muddy the water for personal gain and shield corruption and malpractices by individuals,” Sharma said.

The AICF conducted a special/urgent meeting of office-bearers and state associations in Bhopal on December 28 in the presence of Sports Ministry observers to discuss various issues including corruption charges against West Bengal Chess Association Secretary Atanu Lahiri.

The agenda was discussed at length and the resolutions were passed by acclamation (‘aye’ voting) as in parliamentary procedure, Sharma added.

He also said the AICF Secretary briefed the members and the snatching of the mike as alleged by the Treasurer did not happen at all. The President only left after all the points were discussed by the members present. Sharma alleged that only the AICF Vice-President DV Sundar tried to suppress the democratic open discussion of the constituent members and their representatives.

“There was no raising of slogans by members present and they only expressed their strong feelings about the various matters,” he said.