The Indian Olympic Association has disaffiliated the Karate Association of India for violating its constitution and guidelines.

The IOA took the decision during its Annual General Meeting on December 30 but the formal letter informing the disaffiliation was sent to the World Karate Federation on Monday.

“The AGM of IOA deliberated on governance issue of karate in India. The IOA had granted affiliation to KAI on August 8, 2017, subject to ratification of executive council/general Body. The ratification of KAI’s affiliation remained pending as there has been an increasing number of complaints about them in the last two years,” the IOA said in the letter.

“During the AGM, it was agreed that any national federation violating the principles of the Constitution of IOA and its guidelines should not have the patronage of the Olympic movement in India. IOA unanimously decided to annul the affiliation of KAI and to discontinue any association with it,” said the letter addressed to WKF CEO Sara Wolff.

In September 2018, the IOA had constituted a three-member ad hoc committee to hold elections of KAI within 120 days after ruling that the tenure of the office bearers of the national sports federation expired and poll process has been delayed.

The IOA’s decision to form the ad hoc committee was challenged before the Delhi High Court but later withdrawn, according to the letter. The KAI later held its polls (not under the supervision of the ad hoc committee of the IOA) in January last year and elected Likha Tara as president and Ambedkar Gupta as general secretary.

The duo were called by the IOA top brass for a discussion on December 27 but they did not turn up. “KIA’s election had no presence of an observer from the IOA and there have been various allegations on the validity of the process.

“The newly-elected office bearers of KAI were invited to the office of IOA for a meeting on December 27, 2029 to discuss on a roadmap to resolve the issues. But KAI’s refusal to engage in a dialogue and insistence on defiance was shocking,” the IOA letter to the WKF said.