Virat Kohli emerged as the only Indian in the top 10 list of highest-earning athletes in the world through sponsored Instagram posts during the lockdown, according to a report by Attain.

The cricket superstar was sixth on the list, the figures for which were collected during the period between March 12 and May 14, when the world literally shut down to stem the growth of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the list, Kohli earned a total of Rs 3.6 crore through his sponsored posts, raking up Rs 1.2 crore per post.

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list with an estimated earning of Rs 17.2 crore while FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi and PSG’s Neymar were second and third with earnings of Rs 11.5 crore and Rs 10.5 crore respectively.

Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal and (Rs 5.6 crore) former England football captain David Beckham (Rs 3.9 crore) wrapped up the top five.

Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Rs 1.8 crore), ex-NBA star Dwayne Wade (Rs 1.4 crore), Brazillian footballer Dani Alves (Rs 1.3 crore) and boxer Anthony Joshua (Rs 1.2 crore) completed the top-10 list of highest-earning athletes during the lockdown period worldwide.