England captain Eoin Morgan on Monday said the upcoming three-match ODI series against India would be an opportunity for the fringe players to push their case for the T20 World Cup as 50-over format also throws situations similar to T20 cricket.

England have lost the Test and T20Is series and the Eoin Morgan-led team, who are the reigning world champions in the ODIs, would be keen to stamp their authority in the format.

“Given the T20 World Cup round the corner, playing any international cricket is a huge opportunity for guys who have been on the fringes and not made selection so far,” the World Cup-winning skipper said on the eve of their ODI series opener in Pune.

“When you score runs, and take wickets away from home. There’s always a huge incentive to try and push your case forward.”

Morgan said it will be exciting to “play three games at the same ground against a very, very strong Indian side.”

“It is a huge opportunity for everybody to get back into the frame of mind to deal with fifty-over cricket. But also it will be an opportunity for the guys who haven’t had opportunities to really push their case forward,” he said.

The England skipper feels 50-over cricket is very close to the T20I format in throwing familiar scenarios so the series would offer huge possibilities.

“There are pockets of the game that replicate T20 cricket, and given that there’s very limited change between both squads. Given the two squads are very similar, we see set skill sets as very valuable,” he said.

“I think they’re trying to envisage where fifty overs cricket will be in three years’ time. It is going to be quite difficult. The challenge for us is always trying to explore and push the limits as much as we can, given the conditions.”

England suffered a 1-3 loss in the four-Test series against India before losing the five-match T20 series 2-3 on Saturday.

“I think conditions that are a little bit alien to us naturally, like India, it’s always nice to get out of your comfort zone and learn more about your team and your play and to try and make mistakes and learn,” Morgan said.

The England skipper said the Tests and T20Is have been a learning experience for the team and it will hold them in good stead ahead of the T20 World Cup in October.

“Even though we didn’t pick up the (T20I series) trophy we learnt a huge amount. It’s been an extremely productive tour so far. I think the bigger picture will be World Cup,” he said.

“You don’t always have to be win every series in order to win the World Cup. Continuously you need to get better, you need to be tested. Need to fail to learn that involves losing which is part of your journey,” Morgan said.

India had lost to England by 31 runs in a high-scoring game during the 2019 World Cup when the two teams last faced each other.

The Virat Kohli-led side also lost their last bilateral series in mid-2018 during their tour of England. The hosts also lost their previous ODI series, to Australia, in December last year.