Aliette de Bodard has won two Nebula Awards, a Locus Award and a British Science Fiction Award, in addition to being a finalist for the Hugo and Sturgeon Award, and on the Tiptree Award Honour List. She is the author of the Dominion of the Fallen series, set in an alternate Paris devastated by a magical war.

Ninefox Gambit
Yoon Ha Lee
Lee’s tour de force space opera is set in a universe where the oppressive Hexarchate controls the calendar, which defines the laws of physics and the approved battle formations. When heretics seize a key fortress, the Hexarchs decide to resurrect Shuos Jedao: master strategist and lauded commander. There’s just one problem: the last army Jedao massacred was his own... Bold, relentlessly imaginative and quite unlike everything I’ve read.

Sorcerer to the Crown
Zen Cho
In Regency London, Zacharias Wythe is the first Black Sorcerer Royal of England, and he’s got quite enough on his plate already with intrigues against him and the decline of English magic. But he hadn’t reckoned with Prunella Gentleman – an iron-willed runaway orphan who’s stumbled upon a great magical discovery. Fun and frothy, with a bite.

Cast in Shadows
Michelle Sagara
In a city ruled by a dragon and where races coexist uneasily, Kaylin Neva is a foundling, rescued from a life of squalor by the Hawks. But when a series of strange murders start, Kaylin is dragged back into the place she least wants to go to: the slum where she grew up, dominion of the enigmatic and cruel Barrani Lord Nightshade...The start of a series with a strong cast and wonderfully imaginative world-building.

Hoa Pham
A fox fairy moves through Vietnamese history, from the Imperial Court in Hue to Saigon before the fall, to Australia and its suburbs of Vietnamese immigrants. A wonderful and heartbreaking tale of a woman trying to find her place in a world changing fast. Evocative, bittersweet, and heartbreaking.

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