The temperature is close to minus one Celsius in snowy Trondheim in Norway, but that hasn't stopped the city's most decorated football club Rosenborg BK. It might be pre-season in Norway's football calendar, but the Norwegian club hit upon an innovative, if crazy training routine – attempting to pull off the "world's most epic volley".

The venue? The roof of the scenic Scandic Trondheim hotel, standing 242 feet tall, next to Rosenborg's home ground, the Lerkendal Stadion. Four Rosenborg players stayed on the roof with a football. A few converged down below at the ground.

The mission: a player from the rooftop would kick the ball into the field, where a player would try to "volley" the ball into the goal – kick it before it touched the ground, that is.

You have to be crazy to even try something like this, right? Rosenborg might have been thinking the same after 43 attempts, some of them near-misses. The 44th attempt, however, saw one of the forwards expertly twist his body and direct the falling ball into an empty net, amidst much celebration. Whew.