Announced on the night of November 8, note demonetisation continues to haunt India. While news reports of the adverse fallout continue to pour in, the more creative are using humour to make their point. VJ Hoezay and YouTube star Sawan Dutta have already offered their takes.

This time it’s the turn of YouTube editors. Changing the subtitles from the now-famous scene of the German film, The Downfall, to depict Hitler’s response to world affairs has been an internet rage for several years now. He has reacted to everything from the death of Michael Jackson to the tragedy in Hyderabad University earlier in 2016.

In the latest of these, the Führer expresses his frustration at the demonetisation in India. The initial announcement does not faze him – but the information that only Rs 2000 can be exchanged makes him lose his equanimity completely. And much of the fury is directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is giving “international fascism a bad name”.

“Now I don’t have any money to buy groceries for the Reich or to buy poison gas for the camps.”

One of the chastened soldiers offers the standard comeback used by right wing trolls, “Mein Fuhrer, what about the soldiers who stand guard at the border...” Only to be shut down instantly.

“Don’t feed me the same propaganda that I invented in the first place.”