Even at the best of times, Indian courts can be scary places. Trying to navigate India’s justice system can be a genuinely terrifying experience. But one court complex in Delhi has taken the fear to a whole different level.

Lawyers, court staff and visitors at the Karkardooma Court Complex have been complaining about abnormal events and the sight of a mysterious shadowy figure. Many lawyers had complained about seeing things in their chambers. The Bar Council even reportedly got eight CCTV cameras installed in the courts to investigate these alleged sightings. The scenes they captured have done nothing to calm nerves.

Eerie bubbles float around. Computers go on and off. Items disappear. People who work at Karkardooma have a few theories for why this has been happening.

One theory involves a lawyer who used to practice at the court who was killed in last year’s floods in Uttarakhand. The other suggests that the building is being haunted by an electrician who was electrocuted while working in the complex a couple of weeks ago.

Concerns about this negative energy in Karkardooma, one of the city’s six district courts which is visited by thousands of people looking for justice, was serious enough to prompt a television debate on NewsExpress.

“This isn’t the first time we’re seeing things like this. What you have to understand is that karma is king,” said Deepti Mahajan, a paranormal expert, on the show. “This is a different level of existence.”

Tarkshastri (logician) Somya Datta, who was also invited to the show, tried to throw some cold water on the incidents. “These lights that are coming on, if it’s a ghost here, does a ghost need light to move about here?” he asked.

The Karkardooma court even got a team of paranormal investigators to look into the matter. “We have experienced some abnormal activities and there might be something inside the building,” Rajnish Jha, one of the investigators, told IANS.

These sightings will bring relief to people who feared that Delhi's age-old djinns and spirits are being driven away by the process of gentrification. They might be fleeing from their old haunts, around Delhi Gate and the Feroz Shah Kotla, but if Karkardooma’s experience is anything to go by, the capital’s spirits will always have a place that they can call home.