Here we are. After over a month of riveting cricket action, it’s time to decide the World Champion. Hosts England take on India at Lord’s, in what is set to be the most-watched women’s ODI. Follow the live updates here:

Live updates:

Mithali Raj says she is very proud of her girls. “They didn’t make it easy for any of the teams,’ says the captain. “It’s a huge boost to play in front of such crowds.. Hopefully more people will watch and look up to women’s cricket team in India now,’ she says.

And there is a silver lining as well. Raj says she has no intention of quitting anytime soon, even though this is definitely her last World Cup. “I will play for couple more years,” she says.

Tammy Beaumont is the Player of the Tournament! The England opener is the leading run-scorer this World Cup with 410 runs including a blistering 148 against South Africa.

Anya Shrubsole is the Player of the Match for a six-wicket haul! She was the key for England, with stunning figures of 6/48 which triggered India’s terrible collapse, from 191/3 to 219 all out.

That’s it! England have won the World Cup! It was a close, tense, nail-biting victory, ahead by only 9 runs in the end. But a victory to lift the trophy for the fourth time. Anya Shrubsole was the key for England, with her 6/48 including the big wickets of Punam Raut, Veda Krishnamurthy and Deepti Sharma. She also got Smriti Mandhana at the top orer.

Tears and applause and hugs all around as the action of the last hour melts down into emotion. Many tears in the Indian camp as they all sit around, while England celebrate. The one quote stands out is from Sarah Taylor: “We’ve been there, we know how it hurts. Only thing to do is rebuild and come back stronger.” We can be assured that this Indian team will come back stronger.

Wicket! Gayakwad is bowled on a duck, Shrubsole gets her sixth wicket. What a turnaround for England, holding their nerve during the tense death overs to subdue the Indian batting line-up.

Wicket! Deepti Sharma is gone! Is that it for India? Certainly looks like with the last proper batter dismissed. The pressure gets to her and she holes it out to Sciver at mid-wicket. Shrubsole gets a wicket off her first ball and that’s her fifer – the first ever five-wicket haul in a World Cup final. For India, it’s an abject collapse and the runner-up trophy most likely.

End of Over 48, India 218/7, need 11 from 12 balls. Gunn for England during a crucial phase again, singles off her first two balls, a wide and then a wicket. So. Much. Happening. Three dot balls later, we have Deepti Sharma on strike needing almost run a ball.

Wicket! Pandey is run-out! It’s a potboiler now, with the eight Indian wicket falling after a dangerous single attempt gets Pandey run out. Shrubsole with the throw and Taylor whips out the bails at once. Another turning point in this procession of turning points.

End of Over 47, India 215/7, need 14 from 18 balls. Singles off the first two balls, two off the third - good running from the two. But wait, the drama continues, there is a stumping appeal on the fourth ball and the close, close shave later, Sharma survives and India gets a wide. Seven runs off that over, 14 needed, keep biting those nails.

End of Over 46, India 208/7, need 21 from 24 balls. Deepti Sharma is still holding her nerve around the chaos at Lord’s with a nicely timed four off Hartley’s firt ball. Seven runs come off that over as Sharma and Pandey keep India in it.

Wicket! Two wickets in that over! Shrubsole has pulled this almost decisively in England’s favour. Two wickets and three runs in her over. The seamer has castled Jhulan Goswami on a golden duck. End of Over 45, India 201/7, need 28 from 30 balls

Wicket! Veda Krishnamurthy is gone! Big, big wicket as the big-hitter is gone. Shrubsole gets the breakthrough as Veda miscues one straight to Sciver at deep mid-wicket. She was playing risky shots far too often and the law of averages demands that one would find the fielder. Veda goes for 34 off 35, India 200-6.

End of Over 44, India 189/5, need 31 from 36 balls. Seven runs and a wicket off that over. Also a survived run-out and miscued that fell short. This gets even more nail-biting.

Wicket! Verma out on a duck! Sushma Verma was promoted up the order, but she can’t do much and Hartley has bowled on 0 off 2. India 196/5. It’s all happening at Lord’s, as the cliche goes.

End of Over 43, India 191/4, need 38 from 42 balls. What an over this has been, both India and England getting what they wanted – boundaries and a wicket.

Wicket! Punam Raut falls on 86! After being taken for 9 runs, Shrubsole strikes back with the bicg wicket of the Indian opener. She is rapped on the pads and the umpire gives it out. She consioders a review... and takes it,. but the umpire declines because she has taken longer than the mandated 15 seconds. She has to walk back on 86 off 115. India 191/4

End of Over 42, India 182/3, need 47 from 48 balls. Shrubsole brought back into the attack and Veda gets back-to-back boundaries to start the over. Very, very important runs this. This also brings up the 50-run partnership between them.

End of Over 42, India 182/3, need 47 from 48 balls. Hartley almost gets Veda, but misses stumps by inches. Nerves everywhere but India score quick singles to stay just ahead of the asking rate.

End of Over 41, India 178/3, need 51 from 54 balls. Punam Raut moves to 84, the third highest score in a World Cup final. The equation is still close as ever.

End of Over 40, India 173/3, need 56 from 60 balls.

This is turning out to be nail-biting contest in the Powerplay itself, Gunn gives away 7 in the 40th over with some quick running between the wickets and a misfield. 26 runs in the Powerplay.

Marsh continues and bowls a better line this time, giving away only one run in the penultimate Powerplay over. Raut is well set on 75 and she is flat on the ground in pain. Looks like a case of cramps, not a good sign for India.

Gunn brought back and she gives a wicket opportunity on her second ball as Veda chips to extra cover, but captain Knight dropped it. A watchful over otherwise with only four coming off it. Knight seems to have hurt a back as well with that attempted catch.

Six in the next over. Raut gets the boundary this time with a punch off the back foot off Marsh, aided by a misfield from Hartley.

Ten runs in the first over of the Batting Powerplay with Veda Krishnamurthy attacking Hartley from the outset. A brilliant Jenny Gun dives saves a four but the a couple of balls later, she goes for the drive and finds the boundary. Excellent cricket this!

End of Over 35, India 145/3: The last five overs were good for the required rate with 300 coming off the, but not so good for the chasing side as the aggressive Harmanpreet lost her wicket. It’s now time for the Batting Powerplay, what will this tricky next five overs bring? Usually, it’s a mix of wickets and some runs.

Oh, and what’s this? The usually very reliable Sarah Taylor has missed a stumping of Raut. The Indian will be thankful for the let off.

Another spinner, Laura Marsh, brought back from the other end. But Krishnamurthy is on the ball from the start, a four whacked over the bowler’s head on her fourth ball. Intent!

Wicket! Hartley gets the breakthrough for England! Harmanpreet falls just after reaching her fifty. On 51 (off 80), she goes for the big shot just against the spinner. She gets her bat on it but doesn’t get the distance and it goes straight to Beaumont at deep backward square. Hartley’s record of always getting big wickets for England stands. India 138/3 . Veda Krishnamurthy sent ahead of Deepti Sharma.

Fifty for Harmanpreet! To understand how hard she has oiled for it, consider this: It took her 78 balls to get there, despite those two big sixes. She has played, a measured, mature innings in the chase so far, but maybe the milestone will spur her. Oh, it’s her third consecutive half-century this World Cup, all 3 in crunch games. Standing up.

Brunt brought back and gives away 7 runs. In a shake up of bowlers to shake things up, spinner Hartley comes back from the other end and Raut takes her on the very second ball with a classy push towards extra cover, using her feet to great effect. Her technique is indeed a delight to the eye. India 133-2 after 32 overs.

Fifty for Punam Raut! The opener has held her nerve and the game, scoring a half-century in a World Cup final. It takes her 75 balls to get there as she plays her role in the rebuilding. A vital innings this, and irrespective of the result, an innings to be celebrated. A short raising of the bat in acknowledgement, the Lord’s crowd applauds her. This is also the first ever half-century by an Indian in the World Cup final.

End of Over 30, India 120/2: Anya Shrubsole is back after only one over from Knight, and she bowls a steady over giving only 2 runs. Sciver bowls another good over, but for one ball that Harmanpreet flicks fine for four. Shrubsole goes for 6 in the next over, as India India steadily up their scoring rate – 27 runs off the last 5 overs.

100 up for India in the 27th over, with Sciver going for seven runs. Highlight of that over? Harman’s placing (instead of bludgeoning it) a crisp boundary. India 106/2 after 27 overs.

Oh look, captain Heather Knight has brought herself in to bowl. Known for getting breakthroughs in tough situations, can she do it again for England?
Update: Seven runs come off that over, including a waist-high no-ball and a free-hit.

That’s the 50-run partnership between Raut and Harmanpreet. The two have slowly but steadily put together a crucial stand for India, even though it has taken 79 balls. This is the pair that has to take India through.

End of Over 25, India 92/2
Four off Marsh’s over.
Two off Hartley’s over.
Four off Marsh’s over.
Seems like a routine, almost.
And then Harmanpreet frees her arms
A six to take nine off Hartley’s over
Heather Knight brings back seamer Nat Sciver
Four off Sciver’s over.

Another Six for Harmanpreet! She goes for it again, and this time it’s not long but just as effective. She goes down and swings her arms (look at the bat swing!) and gets it right over the rope. It’s clean, big-hitting, a Harman special!

End of Over 20, India 69/2: Alex Hartley into the attack and the economic spinner gives away only one run. Marsh from the other end, making it a double-spin attack, and gives away only 4.
The scoreboard pressure seems to be getting to India, slowly, with Harman looking uncomfortable. She tries to scoop Hartley in the next over and almost finds the keeper, but survives.

But wait...on the last ball of the over, she decides she has had enough of grinding, she is 11 off 36 – she comes down the track and whacks Hartley for a clean, huge Six over long-on and beyond the boundary ropes. India need a lot more of that, but the good news is that Harman is getting into the groove

Gunn bowls a maiden to Harmmanpreet as the pressure builds on the attacking batter. Marsh’s next over is slightly better with Raut getting on strike and playing a good shot to get a couple. It looks hard on Harman to play out the dots with 7 off 23, but she will have to play herself in. But it’s not going to be easy, India will require a record run chase to win this. India 54/2 after 17

End of Over 15, India 50/2: Gunn bowls a sedate over with only two runs off it. Spin introduced in the next over and before Laura Marsh’s off-spin can make a breakthrough, Raj runs herself out. More rebuilding and dot balls later, Harmanpreet Kaur goes for a risky shot that races to the boundary after falling just wide of the fielder. India’s 50 also comes up, after the tough five overs.

After that strange dismissal, Mithali Raj falls one short of the highest run-getter this World Cup. Tammy Beaumont will have that honour, with 410 runs.

Wicket! Raj in run out! Big, big breakthrough this, and it has come in the tamest of manners. No dive, no urgency in running, almost no effort – this is mystifying from Mithali Raj. Was it a brain-fade?
The captain ran for a single from the non-striker’s end but seemed to give up midway through the run and ambling in seconds late. Sciver’s sharp throw ends her World Cup campaign on 17 off 31, India 43/2. The destructive Harmanpreet is in next, can she do it again?

Raut is the one to break free. The batter sees a slower ball and promptly goes down on her knee to slog it straight over deep mid-wicket for a one-bounce boundary. A single later, Raj middles a classic cover drive through the gaps – a shot she has made her own. Ten runs off that Sciver over, India 41/1 after 11.

End of Over 10, India 31/2: Consecutive maidens. Sciver replaces Brunt in the ninth over and starts with a maiden to the high-flying Raut. A smart move by captain Heather Knight. Gunn takes over Shrubsole from the other end and also bowls a maiden, this time to Raj.

The dot ball pressure these two are creating is very, very important for England. Their seamers doing a good job at that so far.

SIX! Punam Raut has got style! Shrubsole bowls a perfectly normal, good-length delivery but the Indian opener has other plans. She gets down on her knee and whacks it straight over long-on. What a strike this is! One to watch on repeat.

A full toss and Raj punches that for another four. The Hyderabadi wrists at work again, in that shot. This is good rebuilding from both.

End of Over 5, India 18/1: Despite the early wicket, India are trying to actively rebuild with quick singles and trying to play their shots when width is on offer. The English pace battery seem to be getting some help from the pitch early on, which India will need to be smart about.
Mandhana fell to swing and Raj and Raut will have to make sure they don’t succumb to it.

Will you look at the class! Raj gets her first boundary, a neat drive off Brunt, using whatever width was on offer to punch it confidently. India will need the captain to maintain momentum with regular shots like this.

Shrubsole’s father had a wonderful throwback to share.

Raut breaks free! After being pegged down at 8.1, Raut takes on Shrubsole with a clean, straight strike – down the ground, over the bowler, one bounce and four. A wonderful shot, this will help India get back in the groove after the early wicket. Good to see the opener show intent upfront.

Mandhama’s promising start to the World Cup – with a 90 in the opener against England – ends with a duck. It has been a downhill ride ever since her century in the second game.

Wicket! Mandhana out on a duck! Anya Shrubsole bowled a over over with three wides but gets the Indian opener clean bowled. A wonderful delivery, it takes advantage of the movement on offer and the ball sneaks between her bat and pad. Not the start India would have wanted, 5/1.

Captain Mithali Raj in next, shouldering India’s hope in the chase.

Good start from Brunt, only one run from the first over, with Raut getting India off the mark. Mandhana played just a ball then.

These stats should give Indian fans more hope for the chase!

We are set for the chase! Smriti Mandhana and Punam Raut with the bat for India, Katherine Brunt with the new ball for India. The first few over will be crucial – will Mandhana fall early again? Will the Indian openers manage to make the most of the Powerplay? Let’s begin!

India need 229 at a run rate of 4.58 to win the World Cup.

England finish on 228/7. Not what they would have expected after winning the toss and when Taylor and Sciver were going strong. But Jhulan Goswami pulled the game right back for India with excellent figures of 3/23. The England batters tried to put up a good score and have succeeded to an extent. Chasing 229 against the English pace battery at Lord’s may seem tricky, and they will back themselves to defend it. For India, the onus will be on the top order to make sure they play themslves in and not let the pressure of the situation get to them.

Join us shortly for India’s chase.

Stat Alert: This is the second highest score in Women’s World Cup finals.

Only seven runs in the last over by off-spinner Deepti Sharma, she keeps her line good and doesn’t let the England get too many.

Six singles scored in the 49th over from Gayakwad as Gunn and Marsh run hard to keep the score ticking, England 221/7 with one over to go.

Expensive over from Shikha Pandey in the 48th, 14 runs from it, a waist-high no ball and a free hit coming off it. The pacer has had an off day, going for 53 runs in her 7 overs so far. Will this spell undo all the work of her new ball partner Goswami? India would hope not and give the ball to someone else in the last over. England 215/7

200 comes up for England in the 47th over. Three overs to go, England will hope to reach 230 at least, to keep them in the game.

Wicket! Rocket throw from Deepti Sharma runs out Brunt! Firstly, how good a fielder is the young Sharma? Always alert, always energetic and athletic.
Secondly, the wicket – a sharp direct hit, another case of her being on the ball in the field. Gunn takes off for a risky single but you don’t take on Sharma’s arm. She threw the long ball with ease from mid-off to accurately shatter the stumps. So superb is her throw, she has a cheeky, almost incredulous smile on her face as well. Katherine Brunt is out on 34 off 42, England 196/7.

End of Over 45, England 192/6: The Indian spinner have applied the squeeze both Brunt and Gun have also exploited the gap to build a partnership. The last five overs go for 27 runs and the partnership between the two is 28.
Meanwhile, Poonam Yadav finishes her spell on 2.36, a vital one getting early breakthroughs.

Five overs to go, how much can England make here?

Finally, a boundary for England the first in the last 14 overs. Brunt cracks a a four through cover, wonderful shot to get a boundary. England 187/6.

Stat Alert: After that stunning spell, Goswami now has 36 wickets at the World Cup - the joint third highest in history.

End of Over 40, England 168/6: Jhulan Goswami has in all probability bowled her last over in World Cup cricket, finishing with fantastic figures of 10-3-23-3. The pacer was all over England in the Powerplay with only 12 runs in the five overs and the loss of Sciver. Raj finished her quota of 10 over in the 40th over, another gamble, but one that has worked. England are six down with lower order batters Katherine Brunt and Jenny Gunn on crease.

With 10 overs to go, what would be a par score for England here?

Wicket! Goswami gets her third! The fiery pacer is on fire, bowls a cracker of a delivery to get the set Sciver. Straight, good length, pitching just in line and hits her pads. Sciver takes a a half-hearted review but the DRS confirms that it was plumb, straight into middle stump. Huge cheer from the ground as all HawkEye goes all red and Sciver walks back on 51 off 68. England 164-6. What a massive wicket this is for India, the experienced Jhulan Goswami has made all the difference in final!

Fifty for Nat Sciver! The England batter has battled on in the face of wickets from the other end and now brings up her half century off 65 deliveries. A steady, vital innings. England will need her to continue in the same vein till the end of the innings.

Batting Powerplay taken: Goswami changes ends, the largely expensive Shikha Pandey brought in from the other end. Bowling both pacers from both ends is a gamble, but Mithali Raj is going for it.

Meanwhile, there’s a terrible mix-up in the field from India. The Fielding Coach wouldn’t be very happy.

Praise flows in for Jhulan Goswami’s game-changing over

Wicket! Two in two balls for Goswami! The veteran has pulled back the game for India this over. Fran Wilson – who had battled it out the last time these two teams met – is out on a golden duck. Full, yorker length from Goswami, an excellent delivery after getting a wicket. The batter tries to shuffle but it raps her on the pads. Wilson ponders a review but doesn’t take it – a good decision in the end as Hawkeye shows it to be Umpire’s call. Katherine Brunt in next.

Goswami on a hat-trick, but doesn’t get it. What a stunning over it is from the veteran pacer, bowling India right back into the game. Goswami’s tight line is finally rewarded in her second spell. England are five down, 155/5 after 35 overs.

Wicket! The partnership is broken! Goswami gets the breakthrough getting the big wicket of Sarah Taylor. The delivery was going down leg and Taylor tries to play and gets a faint knick that keeper Sushma Verma holds on to low. A delayed appeal and even delayed decision from the umpire later, the Taylor walks back on 45 off 62. England 146/4. This is a wicket India desperately needed and it comes in the 33rd over.

Stat Alert: Sarah Taylor, batting in 42 off 57, has not hit a single boundary in her innings so far!

As Taylor and Sciver continue to rebuild, Raj brings back Goswami into the attack who gives away extras, seven runs and misses a high, return catch by not running hard enough – is she 100% fit? She had gone off the field after her first spell. England 140/3 after 31.

End of Over 30, England 133/3: Harmanpreet replaces Pandey after only an over and also goes for 10 runs, including a cheeky paddle for four. The runs are coming fast and fluid for England now, after the initial rebuilding. The partnership between Taylor and Sciver is now worth 70 and England have made 33 runs in the last 30 balls.

It’s dark and drizzling at Lord’s but the play continues. And Raj tries a trick by bringing Shikha Pandey into the attack. The pacer had been expensive in her first spell with the new ball going for 21 runs in her 3 overs so far . She goes for 7 and the 50-run partnership comes up between Taylor and Sciver. This is good rebuilding work. England 114/3.

End of Over 25, England 103/3: The 100 comes up for England in the 25th over, after a textbook, down-the-knee sweep for for from Sciver. Even as Indian spinners have piled on the pressure, Taylor and Sciver are swift between the wickets and have kept the score ticking with ones and twos. Nine runs off Harman’s last over as this partnership builds to 40 runs.

Lord’s is going dark. There’s a huge cloud cover, the light has dimmed and the ground staff are on their feet and
Rain was forecasted earlier, but nobody wants rain to stop play in a World Cup final right?

Look who is in to bowl, the plucky Harmanpreet Kaur! After two overs sedate overs from Yadav and Sharma, Raj brings in the part-time off break bowler. After her sensation 171* against Australia, the injured Harman didn’t bowl or field in the semifinal. But she looks to be fit and raring to go now. She gives away only three, and now England will have to face all four prongs of India’s spin attack.

Sarah Taylor has been using her feet very nicely against the Indian spinners, making room to play the flighted deliveries outside the circle and running the singles and doubles. The veteran England batter will be the key for her team to see off the spin attack and keep the scoreboard ticking.

Look at how the run rate has dipped since the spinners started bowling in tandem.

End of Over 20, England 80/3: Much better couple of overs for England after the fall of the third wicket, with a boundary in each from the high-flying Sciver off Sharma and Yadav. India bring back Gayakwad for the 20th and she gives away no boundary but England take 6. England 80/3

Wicket! Two wickets in two overs for Poonam Yadav! Captain Heather Knight tried to sweep against the turn but it goes straight and she’s trapped LBW. Huge appeal but the umpire is not interested. However, Yadav and keeper Verma are convinced and Raj takes the review, successfully – all three signals turn red on Hawkeye. What a sight! Knight has to walk back on 1 off 7. England 68-3. Nat Sciver, two-time centurion this World Cup, walks in.

That’s three quick wickets for Indian spinners!

End of Over 15, England 61/2: The last five overs make for good reading for India – 18 runs and 2 wickets off them. The Indian spinners doing the job, once again, as Raj shuffles them around.

The Lord’s pitch has looked to be on the slower side so far, a good sign for India with the armoury of spinners. England are struggling with the slower pace, giving the spinners 2 wickets already in the span of four overs.

Wicket! Poonam Yadav gets Beaumont in her first over! The spinner bowls a juicy full toss and the set batter comes down the track to hit it big. But it doesn’t get the distance and sails to deep mid-wicket giving Goswami a lollipop catch. The promising partnership is broken, the set batter and the World Cup’s highest run-getter is dismissed on 23 off 37, England 60/2. Captain Heather Knight in in next.

Good news: Goswami is back on field. More good news: Harmanpreet and Mandhana put in excellent work in the field to save a certain boundary off Taylor. Not so good news: Beaumont breaks the temporary boundary drought with a slice through covers off Gayakwad. England 59/1 after 14 overs.

England cross the 50-run mark in the 12th over, as India continue the spin attack. The dot balls are building but with Beaumont and Taylor, two in-form batters on crease, it’s always a dangerous sign. Remember that 275-run stand vs South Africa?

Wicket! Bowled! Gayakwad gets the first breakthrough! The spinner tries a wider delivery, the batter attempts a sweep and misses. The ball turns around leg and takes the bails off Lauren Winfield is bowled on 24 off 35, England 47/1.

In walks Sarah Taylor to cheers from the crowd.

Deepti Sharma into the attack, as India go with spin from both ends. Neat over, with only three runs and a failed LBW appeal coming off it.

End of Over 10, England 43/0: Another steady session for England with 18 runs and a successful DRS review.
However, things not so good for India despite two straight maiden overs. Beaumont being dropped by keeper Sushma Verma off Gayakwad, who bowled a maiden. How costly will it prove to be?

Meanwhile, Jhulan Goswami is walking off the field. No information about what is wrong with her as yet, but the veteran has walked back after a strong first spell 5-2-9-0.

Oh dear, a wicket and a DRS reprieve for Winfield! Goswami’s tight line and length finds its mark with two LBW shouts in that over. The first is adjudged leg byes, but the second is given out by the umpire. But Winfield reviews and it turns out to be the clincher as Hawkeye shows its missing stumps by inches! The Indians will be disappointed, but Winfield and Beaumont’s stand still stands.

Spin into the attack in the eight over. Raj throws the ball to Rajeshwari Gayakwad in the hope of a breakthrough. The left-arm orthodox spinner gets turn right away, but Winfield paddles her way to two boundaries down fine leg after a nice square drive giving England 12 runs in the over.

First maiden of the innings comes from Goswami in the seventh, bowling to Beaumont.

Back-to-back boundaries for Tammy Beaumont off Pandey’s first two balls in the sixth over. With that, the England opener crosses 400 runs and becomes the highest run-getter this World Cup.

Stat Alert: Four out of the top 10 highest run getters in this tournament are from England – Tammy Beaumont, Heather Knight, Sarah Taylor and Nat Sciver.

Look at England’s scoring rates against seam bowling this World Cup. India’s spinners will be key.

End of Over 5, England 21/0: A steady five overs for England with three boundaries. The Indian pacers have bowled a neat line, but not a potential wicket-taking delivery yet.

A much sharper line from Pandey with only two runs coming off it. Much better fielding too, with Deepti Sharma standing out once again.

Only four runs from the third over by Goswami – a little width instantly cut by Beaumont.

Look, there are proper brand commercials during the over breaks in this match! The ads were something that were missing (If not missed) throughout the World Cup. Good to see Star Sports expand their production.

Shikha Pandey shares the new ball, but does not strike in her first over this time. Beaumont gets the first boundary, flicking off her legs through mid-wicket. A misfield by Mandhana gives Winfield a boundary as well with 10 runs coming off that over.

England 1/0 after the first over. Nice line from Goswami, keeps it tight, Winfield gets off the mark on the last ball with a push to third man.

National anthems done. The Lord’s crowd roars. The players come out to play this monumental match. Tammy Beaumont and Lauren Winfield to open, Jhulan Goswami with the new ball. Here, we go!

Hear the crowd roar!

Look who rang the Lord’s bell – 105-year-old Eileen Ash, the oldest living former Test international.

Playing XIs

Toss time! England win the toss and Heather Knight chooses to bat first. Mithali Raj says India would have batted first as well, but she backs India’s seamers to use the conditions early.

The seamers – Jhulan Goswami and Shikha Pandey – bowled splendidly in the semifinal with two stunning deliveries to get the first two wickets. A similar start in the final will set it up nicely for India.

Both teams are unchanged.

As we wait for the pitch update, toss, so on and so forth, take your time to read our extensive preview package for the World Cup final:

We spoke to Team India’s coach till this April, Purnima Rau, about what makes this team special. She couldn’t stop gushing about the tenacity of these girls:

It’s been a long journey for Mithali Raj, starting from 1999. She made her debut as a 16 year-old in England, and now, in her final World Cup, will lead the team out at Lord’s. A look at her record-breaking journey:

First up, the match-ups to watch out for – the battles within the battle.

02:00 pm: Hello everyone and welcome to a date that will go down in history as the most significant in women’s cricket. It doesn’t matter who wins today, but in front of what is expected to be a full house at the Home of Cricket – Lord’s, you don’t want to miss the action. Watch it on your television, follow it along with us here but make sure you are involved – because this is going to be special.