A student of Vanderbilt University in United States’ Tennessee was convicted on Saturday for encouraging his teammates to rape an unconscious woman in a college dorm room in 2013. The accused, Brandon Vandenburg, had been dating the woman and reportedly handed out condoms to four others before the crime. Two of them were also charged with raping the woman. Vandenbug was found guilty of aggravated rape, aggravated sexual battery, unlawful photography, AP reported.

According to Vandenburg’s lawyers, he had carried the unconscious woman to his dorm room after being unable to get her into her apartment. They argued that he had himself been too drunk to orchestrate the crime. However, the prosecution painted a grimmer picture, saying he had forced the woman to drink and then egged on his teammates to assault her. They also said he took videos and circulated them while the woman was being raped.

Vandenbug and another former player Corey Batey were tried and convicted for the crime in 2015, but a mistrial was declared after one of the jurors was found to have been a victim of statutory rape. The Vanderbilt case received widespread media attention as part of the growing conversation about campus rape culture in American Universities.

The verdict also assumes prominence in the aftermath of the Brock Turner case, a student of Stanford University who was sentenced to a mere six months in early June for raping an unconscious woman. The Standford rape case gained international infamy when the woman went to his sentencing and read out a gut-wrenching description of the crime and its effects on her, a statement that was widely circulated on the internet.