United States officials have identified the Houston gunman, who opened fire on morning commuters in the city of Texas on Sunday, as Nathan Desai, a 46-year-old lawyer. Desai was wearing a vintage military uniform and had a Nazi emblem on him when he was shot dead by police. The lawyer, also referred to as DeSai by local media, reportedly had two guns and 2,600 rounds of ammunition when he began shooting in public.

The mass shooting left nine injured and lasted for 20 minutes, the Houston Chronicle reported. No motive has yet been ascertained, though the newspaper quoted the gunman's father, Prakash Desai, saying his son had been unhappy for months because of difficulty at work.

Officials said one person is in critical condition and another in serious condition, following the shootings. Authorities are currently interviewing Desai's family, friends and associates, while officials declined to speculate on the motive behind the shootings.