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Met department issues cyclone alert for Tamil Nadu, predicts heavy rainfall

Weather officials said the storm named Nada is likely to make landfall near Cuddalore on December 2.

The India Met Department on Wednesday said that a cyclone, brewing in the Bay of Bengal, is expected to hit the Tamil Nadu coast on December 2. Weather officials said the cyclone, which has been named Nada, is likely to make landfall near Cuddalore between Vedaranyam in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Nada is currently about 770 km south east of Chennai and is gaining strength as it moves westwards. “Wind speeds reaching 45-55 kmph and rising to 65 kmph will begin along and off the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts from December 1,” a Met department official told NDTV. However, another weather expert allayed fears of a severe cyclone. The official told The Hindu that Nada may lose its strength by the time it crosses Tamil Nadu coast.

While Chennai will receive moderate rainfall from Wednesday night, areas in north coastal Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will face a heavy downpour from Thursday. Weather officials have also predicted light to moderate rainfall in Kerala on Friday.

The looming cyclone has made sea conditions rough. The weather department has advised fishermen against venturing into the sea from Wednesday evening while those already at sea have been asked to return to the coast as early as possible.

Meanwhile Cuddalore, where the cyclone is likely to make landfall, is gearing up to provide all possible help. Chief Minister V Narayanasamy said his administration is on its toes. While shelter homes are being kept ready to accommodate evacuated people, the chief minister also claimed that storm water drains have been cleaned up to mitigate the possibility of flooding.

The north-east monsoon usually manages to record about 48% rainfall in Tamil Nadu in November and December. However, the state has not had any rain in November yet. November is likely to be one of the driest months the state has had in the past few decades, skymetweather.com said.

In December 2015, four districts in Tamil Nadu – Chennai, Cuddalore, Tiruvallore and Kancheepuram – were flooded after heavy rainfall. At least 450 people died in the rain.

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Money plays a big role in leading a fulfilled life. But here are some other factors to not discount

A large global survey has some surprising answers to how we think about life.

What’s the one thing that makes you feel most fulfilled? This was one of the simple questions asked to more than two million people in a worldwide survey conducted by Abbott, the global healthcare company. According to the survey, on a scale of 100, with 100 being “living fully”, Indians ranked themselves at 61, behind the global average of 68.4 and much behind China at 79 and Mexico at 75. Not surprisingly, with such a massive scale and scope, the survey results offered some startling insights into how people across countries think about their lives.

One of the biggest paradoxes the survey uncovered was that most people—nearly 44% of the respondents—felt money was the ultimate stumbling block keeping them from a fulfilled life. When asked about the one thing that makes them feel most fulfilled, money was not the number one response for even a single country. So why did people still claim it to be the top barrier?

One way to understand this is to study the top things that do make people fulfilled across the world. This showed a remarkable consensus. Globally most respondents selected “family” as the number one factor of fulfillment except in China, where “health” was considered more crucial to personal fulfillment. Attributes like “spirituality”, “success”, “giving”, “travel”, “community”, “health”, “music” and “adventure” also scored well in different parts of the globe.

Source: Abbot Global Study
Source: Abbot Global Study

It is clear that money can enable us to accomplish many of the things which give us a sense of fulfillment. It enables us to travel more, learn new things and even take better care of our health.

However, it is when we consider the pursuit of money as the primary key to fulfillment and an end in itself that the problems begin. Perhaps this is because we postpone our immediate happiness or ignore the things that give us joy for the sake of some distant financial goal. In India, especially, there is a tendency to prioritise work over family and friends. In the pursuit of wealth, we often avoid social occasions and get-togethers and skip simple acts of companionship like dining with family or wishing friends on important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Tellingly, nearly 23% Indian respondents chose “priorities” as the top barrier to fulfillment. This can lead to fatigue or burnout. It can also lead to increased emotional distance from friends and family, and contribute to a general sense of apathy in life. To top that, we may never realise how much money is enough money to do things that will bring us happiness and may continue to chase money at the cost of other joys. While being financially responsible is undeniably a virtue, it should not distract us, at least for long, from other drivers that directly contribute to personal fulfillments.

Ultimately, happiness is a choice. Many people choose to hold on to the “negative stimuli” in their lives. They choose to focus on the problems they face rather than the positive aspects in their life. Once you choose to be happy and focus on taking decisions that will make you happy rather than just make you money or bring you superficial success, it will become a lot easier to feel fulfilled. Think of happiness as a resource—an asset that needs be grown and cultivated just like your bank balance.


The path to greater fulfilment is a deeply personal one. Thankfully, there are many resources available that can help people around the world define and lead a more fulfilled life. Abbott is committed to helping people live the best life possible. Their website features life hacks for work or personal time like those listed below. These are great tools for those ready to lead a more fulfilled and meaningful life, starting today.

Source: Abbot Global Study
Source: Abbot Global Study

This article was produced on behalf of Abbott by the Scroll.in marketing team and not by the Scroll.in editorial staff.

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