In a recent performance at a charity concert, Tidal X 1015 in Brooklyn, Beyoncé was in for an unpleasant surprise. While singing Haunted for her audience, the singer figured something was wrong.

In the video above, she’s seen touching her earlobe, probably realising her earring was missing and she was bleeding. Several videos have gone up since then, especially on social media, with footage of what happened and how the singer chose to not leave the show mid-way.

Beyoncé looked at her finger and saw there was blood on it but powered through the show without flinching, and interacted with her audience instead. Her earring reportedly got torn off her ear after it got caught on her braid during the show.


Fans took to social media sites to express their solidarity with Queen Bae, as she’s popularly known. However, some people took it a bit too far and put up disturbing hashtags like #CutForBeyonce with graphic pictures as proof. Others condemned this trend, insisting that it was unhealthy and shouldn’t be encouraged.