Presented by CFx Comics and the Lahore Student Union’s Youth Social Leadership Program, the three minute short film, A Bite of Life, is based around a simple premise: What happens to the unfinished food left on a plate? Told from the point of a view a 14-year-old mechanic in Lahore, the story could take place anywhere in the world.

Forced to go hungry because his father did not get the advance on his salary that he was supposed to, the young boy spends the working day getting hungrier and more tired, as the world remains oblivious to his inner strife. Out of desperation, he goes to a garbage can outside a resident. filled to the brim with rotting food. He is about to reach into the dumpster when help appears in the form of a young boy with a packet of leftovers.

Narrated in chaste Urdu, the animated film is to the point and sensitively told.