Prepare for the IBPS Clerk exam by reviewing previous years’ question papers. Here are a few questions from previous years’ IBPS Clerk exam question papers, with the answers, so that you are ready to take the exam. Go through the list of questions (with answers) that we’ve selected from previous years’ IBPS Clerk exam papers, and then attempt our quiz at the bottom.


1. Choose the best word that fits in the meaning of the following 2 sentences to make them grammatical coherent.

I. Governments in these countries should create education systems since ______ good schools the bulk of people entering the world force will not have the skills they need.

II. We cannot process colour, details of rapid changes in our surroundings ______ the cone shaped cells packed around the centre of the retina.

(A) lack

(B) missing

(C) efficient

(D) without

(E) absence

Ans: D

2. In the following sentence, there are four words in bold. One of them may be wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find that word.

He first joinned the Board of Directors two years ago and has expressed his concerns at various global debates.

(A) joinned

(B) ago

(C) various

(D) global

(E) All correct

Ans: A


3. If all the letters of the word JUNKYARD were arranged in alphabetical order from left to right, and all the vowels were replaced by the next letter of the alphabet, then what would be the second letter from the right?

(A) V

(B) D

(C) K

(D) N

(E) R

Ans: A

4. This question is based on the five three-digit numbers given below:

476 ; 538 ; 289 ; 814 ; 753

If ‘1’ is subtracted from third digit in the each number and the position of the first and third digits are interchanged, what will be the first digit of the third highest number thus formed?

(A) 3

(B) 5

(C) 7

(D) 8

(E) 9

Ans: B

Quantitative aptitude

5. Mr. Shah’s monthly income is Rs. 54550. In an entire year, he spends 32% of his annual salaries on groceries, he spend 12% on repairs and 10% he pays to his servant. If half of the remaining amount he invests in fixed deposits, what is the amount invested by him in fixed deposits?

(A) Rs. 150558

(B) Rs. 155240

(C) Rs. 152610

(D) Rs. 158789

(E) Rs. 154336

Ans: A

6. A circular copper wire of radius 7 cm is bent to form a rectangle. If the breadth and length of the rectangle are in the ratio 4:7, what is the length of the rectangle (in cm)?

(A) 8

(B) 14

(C) 10

(D) 12

(E) 15

Ans: B

7. What will come in place of question mark (?) below?

12 ; 13 ; 17 ; 26 ; 42 ; ?

(A) 57

(B) 58

(C) 59

(D) 75

(E) 67

Ans: E

General awareness

8. ‘Buy Now Pay Now’ refers to which of the following?

(A) Affinity Card

(B) Smart Card

(C) Business Card

(D) Credit Card

(E) Debit Card

Ans: E

9. The 18th SAARC meet was held in November, 2014 at:

(A) Dhaka (Bangladesh)

(B) Kathmandu (Nepal)

(C) Thimpu (Bhutan)

(D) Colombo (Sri Lanka)

(E) New Delhi (India)

Ans: B

Computer knowledge

10. Chip is a common nickname for a(n):

(A) transistor

(B) resistor

(C) integrated circuit

(D) semi-conductor

(E) other than those given as options

Ans: C