Prepare for the SBI Clerk exam by reviewing previous years’ question papers. Here are a few questions from previous years’ SBI Clerk exam question papers, with the answers, so that you are ready to take the exam. Go through the list of questions (with answers) that we’ve selected from previous years’ SBI Clerk exam papers, and then attempt our quiz at the bottom.

General awareness

1. Which of the following countries in India’s neighbourhood faced charges of violation of human rights of Tamilians living there?

(A) Sri Lanka

(B) Myanmar

(C) Afghanistan

(D) Pakistan

(E) Nepal

Ans: A

2. Business Correspondent Framework launched by the Reserve Bank of India is a step in achieving which of the following?

(A) Financial inclusion

(B) Transparency in banking transaction

(C) Better control over cooperative/small bank

(D) None of the other options

(E) Providing direct subsidy to consumers of PDS

Ans: A

3. Nuclear Threat Initiative, the organisation which has compiled first ever index of security materials globally, is an agency based in:

(A) India


(C) Japan

(D) Germany

(E) China

Ans: B

Quantitative aptitude

4. A and B together can complete a particular task in 4 days. If A alone can complete the same task in 6 days, how many days will B take to complete the task if he works alone?

(A) 8

(B) 7

(C) 14

(D) 12

(E) None of the other options

Ans: D

5. 13 articles were bought for Rs.5,980 and sold for Rs.6,656. What was the approximate profit percentage per article?

(A) 15%

(B) 11%

(C) 9%

(D) 19%

(E) 13%

Ans: B

6. 204% of ? = 1848.24

(A) 517

(B) 784

(C) 321

(D) 906

(E) None of the others

Ans: D

7. A sum of Rs.10,980 is to be divided amongst A, B and C in the ratio 7 : 3 : 5. What is the sum of B’s and C’s share?

(A) Rs. 5685

(B) Rs. 5865

(C) Rs. 5897

(D) Rs. 5873

(E) Rs. 5856

Ans: E


8. Choose the set of words for each blank which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

She ___ to learn basic German as she will be ___ for Germany next month.

(A) likes, reaching

(B) wants, leaving

(C) intends, visiting

(D) tries, touring

(E) knows, going

Ans: B

9. Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it.

On reaching the (1) / lake, the leader realised (2)/ that two elephant from (3)/ his herd were missing (4).

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

(E) No Error

Ans: C

10. Which of the phrases should replace the phrase given in bold to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct?

My friends tried to play a tricks on me on April Fools Day.

(A) tricked

(B) played a trick

(C) playing the trick

(D) play a trick

(E) No correction required

Ans: D