Indian Railways introduced Suvidha Express series of trains on the busiest rail routes in 2014. Confirmed and Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) tickets are issued for these trains. The tickets for Suvidha trains can be more expensive due to dynamic pricing instead of standard fares that IRCTC offers.

Dynamic pricing is similar to airline ticket pricing where the cost of travel changes according to the demand. Suvidha Express trains were the first of their kind in Indian Railways to use this system of pricing. Apart from confirmed and RAC passengers accommodation, waitlist tickets can also be booked w.e.f. 14/01/2016. The maximum advance reservation period for Suvidha trains is 120 days.

Here are some points to note about booking tickets in Suvidha trains:

  • No concession shall be applicable on these trains. Full adult fare shall be charged for all passengers irrespective of their age. Also free passes/ complimentary passes/ warrant/ concessional voucher etc. shall not be permitted in these trains.
  • Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirmed as well as RAC passengers.
  • The waitlisted ticket will be charged at the value of the last ticket booked for that class.   
  • Apart from e-ticketing, SUVIDHA trains tickets shall also be booked through PRS counters.
  • Modification/duplicate ticket/cluster bookings/BPT will not be allowed.
  • Only general quota booking will be applicable. 
  • Upgradation option shall not be applicable in these trains.
  • Passenger should produce one of the prescribed identity card during journey for verification purpose for both e-ticket and PRS ticket.
  • There shall be no First AC/ First Class/ Executive Class/ General Class/ 2nd sitting coach in the train composition of Suvidha Trains.
  • W.e.f. 20-Jan-2018, refund rule will be applicable as per normal refund rule.
  • In case of a train cancellation, for e-ticket full refund will be granted automatically by the system. 
  • 50% refund of fare subject to minimum flat cancellation charge of Rs 200 for AC-II tier/first class, Rs. 180 for AC-III tier/ 3 Economy/ air conditioned chair car and Rs 120 for sleeper class will be granted for confirmed/ RAC tickets up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train or preparation of the chart whichever is earlier. No refund of fare after that will be granted on confirmed /RAC ticket. Such refund will be granted by filing TDR.

Here is a list of Suvidha Express trains currently running in India:

Name Start Station Start Time End Station End Time  Distance
JP Suvidha Express (82653) YESVANTPUR JN 11:30 JAIPUR 06:35 2455 km
JP YPR Suvidha (82654) JAIPUR 22:15 YESVANTPUR JN 18:25 2452 km
Suvidha Express (82356) C SHIVAJI MAH T 11:05 PATNA JN 15:35 1710 km
Suvidha Train (82355) PATNA JN 13:00 C SHIVAJI MAH T 16:05 1710 km
MS TEN Suvidha (82601) CHENNAI EGMORE 22:15 TIRUNELVELI 10:30 653 km
SCT MS Suvidha (82610) SENGOTTAI 16:15 CHENNAI EGMORE 05:45 683 km
TEN MS Suvidha (82602) TIRUNELVELI 15:00 CHENNAI EGMORE 03:15 653 km
TEN MS Suvidha (82626) TIRUNELVELI 18:15 CHENNAI EGMORE 05:30 653 km
NCJ TBM Suvidha (82646) NAGERCOIL JN 17:00 TAMBARAM 05:05 702 km
MS QLN Suvidha (82629) CHENNAI EGMORE 17:00 KOLLAM JN 09:20 763 km
QLN MS Suvidha (82630) KOLLAM JN 11:30 CHENNAI EGMORE 03:30 763 km