The month of October in 2019 is host to both Dusshera and Diwali. While bank holidays may differ from one state to another, here’s a list of national holidays that will be applicable to all banks. Second and fourth Saturdays and all Sundays are mandatory off days for all banks.

Date Day Holiday
2nd October 2019 Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti
6th October 2019 Sunday Sunday
8th October 2019 Tuesday Dusshera
12th October 2019 Saturday Second Saturday
13th October 2019 Sunday Sunday
20th October 2019 Sunday Sunday
26th October 2019 Saturday Fourth Saturday
27th October 2019 Sunday Diwali

Beginning from 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, there are a total of 8 national bank holidays in October 2019. Dusshera falls on 8th October, while Diwali falls on a Sunday, 27th October. The above list is in accordance with the list of national holidays issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Some banks also list 7th October (Navami), 28th October (Diwali) and 29th October (Bhai Dooj) as holidays.

Please check your respective banks for a complete list of holidays that may be specific to various states.