More details have emerged since our last report on UGC’s response in the Supreme Court regarding the conduct of the final year exams. The Commission has said that students should not assume that the final year exams will get cancelled or postponed, and should continue prepping for it, according to NDTV.

The Commission’s response said, “Students should continue to prepare for the examinations. Students should not be under the impression that examinations will be stayed because of the Supreme Court hearing,” adds the report.

Abhishek Sanghvi, who was appearing for one of the petitioners, argued that Commission’s decision was arbitrary and said that some of the universities do have adequate IT infrastructure and it is not feasible for them to carry out the exam, says, NDTV.

Sanghvi also said that “heavens will not fall if exams are cancelled” and cited the Disaster Management Act that allows state governments to take decisions in this regard, according to the report.

The court also said that the Home Ministry to make its opinion clear on the issue. The centre said it would reply by today; however, it suggested students to continue preparing for the exm..

Earlier on Friday, it was reported that the Commission in its response said that all universities have to adhere to the UGC guidelines and have to conduct the final year or final semester exams before September 30, adds the report. The Court had adjourned the hearing and the matter will be taken up again on August 10.

The Commission had also said that the decision by several states including Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab and Haryana to cancel the university exams and to grade the students based on past performance and internal assessment is contrary to the UGC guidelines.

The response further said that the students who are not able to participate in the examination will be given another chance to appear for the exam when the pandemic situation is more under control, says

The petition to cancel the exam has been submitted by 31 students from different states and universities. The petition said that conducting the exams amid the worsening COVID-19 pandemic situation is not safe for the students, and should be cancelled in the interest of justice for the students