Indian Railways will be upgrading all the non-AC coaches to AC coaches to meet the demand of high-speed trains that will be connecting the city of Delhi with Mumbai and Howrah, reports The work of upgrading the tracks to meet the specifications of such high speeds is already underway, adds the report.

As part of the Golden Quadrilateral and Diagonals, all the four metros will be connected with such high-speed trains. Work is on for connecting Delhi with Mumbai and Delhi with Howrah.

Indian Railways official statement said that these trains will be running at speeds of 130 to 160 kmph and AC coaches are an essential technical need to run these trains. Due to the wind and weather factor, only some of the non-AC coaches will be upgraded to meet the specifications required for such trains, reports LiveMint.

Indian Railways statement also said that the ticket prices of such trains will remain affordable and extra facilities and comfort will be provided. The statement also said a prototype of the AC coach will be ready in a few weeks. Each coach will have 83 births initially which will be increased to up to 200 by next year.