Shaunak Modi is a marine wildlife photographer – a phrase you probably have not heard very often – and the director of the Coastal Conservation Fund. He is also part of a network called Marine Respondents, which helps to rescue stranded animals like turtles and even whales from Mumbai’s shoreline.

In the first part of this podcast series titled Marine Lines: Mumbai’s Hidden Worlds, from the Suburbs to the Sea, hosted by journalist and author Raghu Karnad, Modi talks about sharks, sea slugs and other marine neighbours.

Mumbai, he says, treats the Arabian Sea like scenery – like a backdrop – and not like a living world full of creatures that are its neighbours. We cannot look into the deep, but it is amazing how much life is ready to meet us on the coastline.

This podcast has been co-created by DeadAnt Studio and Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic. Listen to the other parts here.