The Ex Talk, Rachel Lynn Solomon

Shay Goldstein has been a producer at her Seattle public radio station for nearly a decade and she wouldn’t trade her job for anything else. But lately her newest colleague, Dominic Yun, is giving her a tough time at work. Fresh off a journalism master’s programme, Dominic is convinced he knows everything about public radio.

When the struggling station needs a new concept, Shay proposes a show that her boss green-lights with excitement. On The Ex Talk, two exes will deliver relationship advice live, on air. Their boss decides Shay and Dominic are the perfect co-hosts, given how much they already despise each other. Their audience gets invested fast, and it’s not long before The Ex Talk becomes a must-listen and climbs podcast charts.

As the show gets bigger, so does their deception, especially when Shay and Dominic start to fall for each other. For the sake of their jobs and their listeners, is falling in love a wise thing to do?

Mr Wrong Number, Lynn Painter

Bad luck and Olivia Marshall have always been best friends. Or at least that’s what her family believes. But when a steamy message from a random wrong number turns into the hottest, most titillating – albeit anonymous – relationship of her life, she is convinced that things are finally looking up for her.

Colin Beck has always considered Olivia his best friend’s annoying little sister. After yet another encounter with bad luck, Olivia is forced to move in with them. She’s no longer the annoying girl he knew, but a ravishing beauty. He’s sure he can keep his distance, until he discovers she’s the irresistible Miss Misdial he’s been getting “textual” with. Will Colin decide to turn the heat up or ghost her before things get messy?

Set On You, Amy Lea

Fitness influencer Crystal Chen has built her career shattering gym stereotypes – she is fat – and mostly ignoring the trolls. After her recent breakup, she has no patience left for men. The gym is her new comfort place – the one that fills her with power and positivity.

Firefighter Scott Ritchie is the smug new member at Crystal’s gym. He routinely steals her favorite squat rack. Sparks fly as the two ultra-competitive foes eye gym domination. Neither is ready to back down and the last thing they would have expected is to run into each other at their grandparents’ engagement party.

In the lead up to their grandparents’ wedding, Crystal discovers that Scott has a soft side to him. They bond over family and fitness as they both wonder if the other person is their soulmate after all. But when a photo of them goes viral, vicious internet trolls put their budding romance to the ultimate test.

The Fake Up, Justin Myers

Things are not good in Dylan-and-Flo paradise. Of course they are in love. Obviously they want it to work. But too many odds are stacked against them. Their home is in tatters, their friends never stop meddling, and there are too many obstacles on the path to fulfilling their dreams. Maybe, they are just doomed together?

They break up despite not wanting to. While Flo cries in her mother’s kitchen, composing ballads about heartache, Dylan is forced to sleep on his best friend’s sofa and focus on his acting career.

Unexpectedly, luck begins to favour them. Soon Dylan and Flo are on the cusp of everything they’ve ever wanted. There’s only one problem – they are still in love with each other, but their hard-won futures depend on them being apart. Can they keep their relationship a secret from the world and their fates?

Funny You Should Ask, Elissa Sussman

Twentysomething writer Chani Horowitz is stuck. While her former MFA classmates are signing book deals, she has to make do with writing puff pieces. Then she’s hired to write a profile of movie star Gabe Parker. The Gabe Parker – her celebrity crush, the object of her fantasies, the background photo on her phone – who’s also the new James Bond. It’s terrifying and thrilling all at once and if she can keep her cool and nail the piece, it could be a huge win for her career. However, the universe has a different plan – the interview turns into a whirlwind weekend that has the tabloids buzzing.

Ten years later, after a brutal divorce, Chani is back in Los Angeles, with a renewed focus on her work. But the readers cannot get enough of her deeply personal Gabe Parker profile at every turn. No matter what her work is about, it always comes back to Gabe. So when his PR team requests that they reunite for a second interview, she wants to say no. But the truth is that the fateful weekend is etched in her memory. And she says yes.

Chani knows that facing Gabe again also means facing feelings she’s tried so hard to push away. What will become of Gabe, the one that got away?

Go Hex Yourself, Jessica Clare

When Reggie Johnson answers a job advertisement in the paper, she’s astonished to find that she’s not applying to work at her favorite card game, Spellcraft: The Magicking. Instead, she’s applying for a role of an actual witch. One who can perform real magic!

The new job has a few perks – a place to stay in, excellent pay, and she’s apprenticing for a powerful witch. Sure, the witch is a bit eccentric and there is a small issue with the black cat Reggie that she would prefer to forget about. The biggest problem, however, is Ben Magnus, her employer’s nephew and the most arrogant, insufferable, maddening man to ever cast a spell.

Reggie absolutely hates him. He might be good looking but he is also bossy and irritating. But when someone with a vendetta targets the household, she finds herself working with Ben to break a deadly curse. They annoy each other no end till things start to get downright...bewitching.

The Homewreckers, Mary Kay Andrews

Hattie Kavanaugh went to work helping clean up restored homes for Kavanaugh & Son Restorations at 18; married the boss’s son at 20; and was only 25 when she lost her husband to a motorcycle accident.

Broken-hearted, she is determined to continue the business of their dreams. The house that she refurbishes is a disaster and a money-loser, and seriously jeopardises her business. Then, Hattie gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – to star in a beach house renovation reality show called The Homewreckers, cast against a male lead who may be a love interest, or may be the ultimate antagonist. Will Hattie flip or flop? And is this mysterious gentleman her happily-ever-after?

The Wedding Season, Katy Birchall

Freya Scott is getting married to her long-term boyfriend, Matthew. She is intent on making it the perfect day to remember. But when Matthew calls things off hours before they walk down the aisle, Freya’s entire life turns upside down. Humiliated and heartbroken, the last thing she wants is to attend the weddings of friends she has already RSVPd to.

Fortunately, her friends have an idea – they have devised a series of outrageous challenges for Freya to complete at each event, to distract her from Matthew and the life she might have created with him. From getting stuck in an old church bathroom and needing to be rescued by the vicar to making out with a barman at a French chateau, Freya realises that maybe this is exactly what she had needed.

By the time the final wedding arrives, she will discover that the road to a happy ending is sometimes just an obstacle course and that “I do” is only the beginning – perhaps her own love story isn’t over just yet.