Has the social media platform Twitter reached its breaking point? Will the application shut down soon? While several of these questions linger amidst the chaos it has gotten into ever since tech billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter is, for now, very much alive with hilarious memes and jokes about its uncertain future.

Over the past few days, many reports stated that the application is on the brink of a shutdown following several high-profile resignations and office closures in response to new owner Musk’s ultimatum of work– “Long hours at high intensity” or leave.

However, Musk had taken to Twitter on November 17 and said that he was not worried about the mass exit as “the best people are staying.”

While neither Musk nor Twitter’s employees have confirmed these reports, many of its active users decided to prepare themselves for the worst and started sharing the most hilarious farewell memes and messages on the application– a probable bid to keep it alive.

Under trending hashtags like #RipTwitter and #GoodByeTwitter, the popular social media platform saw funny but touching goodbyes. Several users also shared memes related to one looking for a new social media service or returning to decades-old chat rooms to keep connecting with people online.

Several users compared the social media platform’s chaos to that of the British passenger line Titanic when the ship was about to sink.

While Twitter is yet to succumb to its death, some even started thinking about what life would be, without the application.

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