The best things in life often come slow. Even the news.

This might sound odd coming from a digital news organisation. But, like you, even we are feeling some news fatigue.


For our collective sanity, we think it is a good idea to take our foot off the accelerator. Starting this week, our breaking news desk will no longer chase news around the clock. Because we know you don’t consume news round the clock. You can still count on us to get regular news updates – but in the right dose. At a pace you decide.

You can sign up for a wrap of the day’s news – delivered straight to your inbox every weekday evening.

Or, if you want to catch up with the news once a week, we have a weekly newsletter that offers a definitive wrap of the most important stories, with added insight from our editors.

Going forward we will be rolling out a bouquet of new and improved editorial features and services. To begin with, we’ll experiment with delivering the newsletters to you as podcasts.

But all this, only for members.

Which brings us to today’s big announcement: as we enter our tenth year, we are launching a membership programme.

While we remain committed to keeping our public interest journalism free-to-access, we believe it’s time to deepen our relationship with you by offering you special privileges as a member.

Not only does your membership enable us to continue reporting stories that speak truth to power, it unlocks the special privileges for readers who might not be able to afford them.

Choose an amount of your choice and become a member today. Click to see the options.

If you have contributed to our Ground Reporting Fund in the past six months, you are already a member.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to having you on board as a member. India needs independent media and independent media needs you.