The Supreme Court can only give orders and lay guidelines regarding hate speech; the administration/government is responsible for carrying out those directives. But hate speech is an effective tool in polarising and consolidating vote banks. That is why we hardly see any serious action being taken to tackle the problem. (“Can the Supreme Court fix India’s hate speech problem?”). – Narendra Agarwal

Caste discrimination

The government is wrong to ask candidates their caste when applying for a job or for admission at educational institutions (“37% SC-ST students at IIT-Bombay were asked ranks in bid to know their caste, shows internal survey”). – PramodGene


No need for any reservation in institutions of excellence. Reservation should be limited to Class 12.Arvind Pal Singh

Religious violence

Nice article (“Hindu monks calling for violence against India’s minorities are betraying their sacred vows”) explaining what it means to be a monk or sannyasin. Unfortunately, the monks are being influenced by the current political situation in the country rather than religion. They highlight the past injustices to stoke the fear of terrorism and forced conversions among the common people. And it helps political parties to polarise and consolidate their vote banks. – Ilavarasan Kannaiyan

Tokyo Paralympics

Sumit’s responses clearly show that he is a champion. His words are tremendously inspiring. A grand salute to this worthy son of Mother India. Also, sahasra pronams to his equally inspiring and courageous mother. (“Interview: Tokyo Paralympics champion Sumit Antil on joy of javelin, his mother’s sacrifice and more”). – Dipak Somadder