John Grisham’s next novel, The Exchange, sees the return of Mitch McDeere, the protagonist of his classic legal thriller, The Firm – his second novel and first international bestseller, that has sold over one million copies worldwide. The movie adaptation starring Tom Cruise was released in 1993. The sequel will be published on October 17, 2023 by Hachette in India.

Describing the book, Grisham said, “When last seen in The Firm, Mitch McDeere and his wife Abby were fleeing Memphis with the bad guys in hot pursuit. Now they’re back, 15 years later, and living in New York where Mitch is an international lawyer and a partner in a mega-firm. His work takes him across the globe, and not always to safe places. During a trip to Libya, his trusted associate is kidnapped and an execution is threatened unless an enormous ransom is paid. Only Mitch can facilitate the exchange. I hope readers have as much fun with the novel as I am writing it.” Oliver Johnson, Grisham’s UK editor said The Exchange is “sure to thrill the millions of fans as much as its famous predecessor 32 years ago.”