The Hug Charger


Author’s note:

Orin, The Parent Tamer is a graphic compilation of hilarious stories about a boy called Orin, and how he sends his middle class, peaceful, introverted parents into quite a tizzy! Told from the parent’s point of view, the idea stemmed from real-life stories and experiences of us as new parents, and a new-to-the world child, encompassing everything from the daily grind of school runs, daycares, office, to tantrums and parenting hacks – basically, the works.

The book primarily was a form of self expression, since the crazy experiences that one goes through as a parent have to be expressed and being an animator by profession, the comic format came naturally to me. It sort of ballooned up to a full fledged book. You can visit my page on Instagram to see what Orin has been up to this week!

Why have I used lions instead of people? Message me and find out!

Excerpted with permission from Orin: The Parent Tamer, Vivekananda Roy Ghatak aka Whackonondo.