For all [Amit Malviya’s] lies, doctored videos and fake news, he cannot stomach the real news (“Watch: BJP IT cell convenor Amit Malviya’s outburst on live TV as party faces defeat in Karnataka”). He is instrumental in filling and feeding poison through his fake news to India. That his scheme has failed miserably is beyond his imagination. Long live truth, long live bhaichara and long live love! – Sylvia D’Souza


He left Rangayana and may exit from Karnataka (“Man behind controversial play on Tipu Sultan resigns as chief of Karnataka-run theatre institute”). But who knows, he may look for new pastures in election-bound states to conjure up new sets of fictitious historical figures to help his “annadaataa”. Very loyal. – Dipak Somadder


It is obvious you have not read Cariappa’s drama script! Gowdas appear only in one scene! For the record, the Gowda duo figure in a decade-old souvenir on Mandya district edited by noted Kannada writer and former student VC of Mysore university, Javare Gowda! Even otherwise, Cariappa drama script is replete with historical errors! – Raja Chandra

‘Exclusionary’ Hindu rashtra

Why is he complaining of good roads and trains and airports and low-income groups using smart phones (“How the exclusionary Hindu rashtra project threatens the foundations of Indian democracy”)? Modi has been doing a lot more for the poor than all the prime ministers. He has built millions of toilets for the poor and massive rural electrification and water supply and so on. – Murali Patibandla.


So, this guy wants another Bangladesh, Pakistan out of India. Are these guys brain still in GMT? – KP Mohan

Geo-politics and Hindutva

Keep off from the bait (“Should India enter into a military alliance with the US against China?”). It will lead to disaster and my nation will be cheated by the cheats. KR Baskaran


I have been closely following our EAM, Jaishankar’s remarks for some time )“Why are India’s diplomats speaking a new aggressive language?”). I can understand his personal grievance against Indira Gandhi. But he has ceased to be a diplomat! His tone and remarks are influenced by our PM’s aggressive posture. But our prime minister has been put in his place by the Chinese President by not supporting India on nuclear issues or supporting India as a full member of United Nations, and above all on the border issues. India has equally by joining Quad and supporting Taiwan, and other matters have tried to keep some distance from China. And all this in spite of Jaishankar being out longest serving Ambassador to China. With Modi’s greater reliance on him, he behaves more as a politician than a diplomat. Chinu

Nude worshippers

Looking at this phenomenon (“UR Ananthamurthy: Who are the nude worshippers of Chandragutti? What do they tell us about faith?)” from the safe distance of Dublin, Ireland, I would offer this comment: nude worshippers should give up their rituals on condition that other citizens give up shirt and tie. – Gabriel Rosenstock