Interesting article (“What do the indignities of Covid-19 deaths in India say about the larger attitude of the state?”)! Most of what was written is factually correct. Several people died, and the doctors could do nothing. The writer seems to be a Leftist or an anti-Bharatiya Janata Party using this write-up to take a dig at the BJP government in a smart and subtle manner. Congrats! Surprisingly, the writer avoids any reference to the pathetic condition of the government hospitals in non-BJP states, where living patients lie unattended on the floor, along with cats and dogs, awaiting death. (Requesting the writer to write an article on this too!)

Regarding the crime against humanity, surprisingly, there was no mention of China (or Emperor Xi Jinping) who are actually the perpetrators of this carnage against human beings. Next time try writing an article on the Rahul Gandhi, Owasi, George Soros axis. – Arnab Mukherjee


The article (“Why India’s privileged citizens are cheerleaders for surveillance tech”) appears to have been written in a biased manner and useless and ridiculous inferences and findings.

Sujeet Srivastava


I used to think that is one of the more sensible publications out there on this world of cheap gimmicks and induced voyeurism. Turns out, you are exactly that. What value addition does watching grown-ups have a physical alternation do (“Watch: School headmistress and two teachers have a physical fight, students watch”)? All you achieve is clicks. If that’s what you’re going for, then flood your content with such cheap thrills and leave sensible content making to others (hopefully). Kindly leave these cheap gimmicks to equally cheap publications who have a brain dead audience and not offend the sensibilities of those who have an iota of intelligence! Highly disappointed. – Kunal Roy


If some poet is popular, it does not mean he is relevant (“Why do young readers and social media find Jaun Elia’s poetry so relevant today?”)! Think for yourself, please. – Alam Zaib

Kurt Vonnegut

Didn’t know about Kurt Vonnegut (“Why a generation of youngsters was drawn to the words of celebrated American author Kurt Vonnegut”). Many thanks to Susan Farell for this interesting article and giving a short sketch of Vonnegut’s life. Enjoyed the writing. Thanks to Scroll team also for their selection. – Dipak Somadder