I do not know whether the far-right in France knows about the far-right in India or not (“France riots: Why Hindu nationalists in India are backing the French far right”). What the far-right or the Hindutva supporters want to ignore is that the French far-right are against all non-Catholic immigrants including Hindus. So, it’s not like they are going to welcome Hindus with open arms while barring Muslims from the country. Also, the far-right is actually in a tough position on this one because it normally supports all forms of riots and protests against the government but also supports the police. Their initial reaction was confused because they did not know which way to go. Thankfully, the young man was an immigrant and from the right religious background.

As a resident of France, I am glad the French government has responded to the crisis with respect to the dead and to democratic procedures. To a newsreader who misquoted the young man’s mother as calling for a protest march, the government spokesperson said, “I am not going to comment on the words of a grieving mother who has just lost her son. Everyone’s expression of grief is different.”

The police officer was immediately taken into custody and an investigation initiated. The far-right and even the French-right were calling for tough measures against the riots and for emergency to be declared and the government resisted. Everyone thought the Macron government was being too soft and yet their non-tough guy stand seems to have had an impact as the violence seems to be dwindling off. Fingers crossed that it ends soon and a dialogue can be established with those who need to be heard. – Swati Sengupta


I think that Adityanath should take inspiration from France: 0 (zero) death for maintaining law and order! Like many professional politicians of the far-right spectrum, he is clearly unable to reach this goal. France has difficulties to integrate youngsters those (great) parents were originated from North Africa. But precisely, the French far right is trying all they can to render it impossible. Hopefully, the integration continues, slowly, but it works: we all have colleagues named Mohammed, Sara, Meriam, Rachid taking responsibilities in each company. Hope these considerations shed some light. Alexandre D


“Since Adityanath came to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2017, extrajudicial executions have risen in the state. More significantly, while Muslims constitute less than 20% of the state’s population, around 37% of those killed in these so-called encounters were from the community, police data shows.”

This itself is self-explanatory that a particular community has disproportionately engaged in unlawful activities. You said it very clearly that only 20% of the population is doing more than proportionate crimes in Uttar Pradesh. Just imagine if the Pope increases more than the rest of the population. This is everywhere in India. The leaders of Semetic religions have to think about this! – Jayesh MP

US ambassador new to the job

Ambassador Eric Garcetti’s showing that he’s new to the job of diplomacy in offering to assist in resolving the Manipur imbroglio (“Why the US ambassador’s offer to assist Manipur has raised eyebrows”). If at all he should be commenting on the violence and arson being unleased by Khalistani terrorists in the US and assisting to have them handed over to Indian authorities. – Anupam Dev

Sam Higginbottom’s contributions

I read article of Anu Kumar of “Sam Higginbottom wanted to help India. So he devoted his life to helping its farmers” with interest. I taught in Agricultural Engineering Department of Allahabad Agricultural Institute for 11 years. The information in this article are true and interesting. The Institute was first in non-North American countries to establish Agricultural Engineering education by Mason Vaugh in 1921. The Institute was known internationally for its agricultural engineering and agricultural sciences education. It was great contribution by Sam Higginbottom for promoting agricultural education and development in India. – Dr HA Kazmi

Bitter truths?

The eight episodes of Sweet Karam Coffee (“Sweet Kaaram Coffee’ review: Sugar, spice – and bitterness”) manages to hold our interests. Though there are many unwanted digressions the plot and the actors keep us engaged. How women are taken for granted by men, which make them let go off their dreams and ambitions. Women are forced to become slaves, men sweet talk and without realising what is happening, they would have lost all their dreams for the benefit of men. Men, on the other hand, on the pretext of protecting their woman would have robbed them of all their rights and freedom. – Anita Ravi

‘Misleading’ headline on ED verdict

This is a highly misleading headline (“Enforcement Directorate cannot hold accused in custody for more than 24 hours, says Madras HC judge”). This judgement has not been accepted by the second judge of the two-judge bench. Thus, it is a dissenting judgement and has no finality. A third judge appointed by the chief justice of the Madras High court is yet to decide the matter finally. Secondly, the conduct of the lady judge raises many eyebrows as DMK is known to influence anyone to get a favourable verdict at any cost. Do not jump the gun. Wait for Justice Karthikeyan’s verdict. Please do not spread wrong information. – M Jayaraman


When verdict is contested why side this side verdict. The journalist is biased, god knows what has been used to make the journalist write this type of headline, surely in the long run this will not work out. – Palaniappan Lakshmanan


A very balanced judgment by Justice Nisha Banu and a correct exposition of law. – Syed Tassadque Hussain