We, the people seem to spend inordinate amounts of time objecting to where we worship who worships and who is right and who is wrong in this (“‘A mosque for centuries’: Muslims in a Maharashtra town push back against ‘temple’ claims”). Does that make us better human beings? Is that ensuring that we have good education, good health, and a reduction in poverty for all? Will their “god” protect them if they commit injustices towards fellow human beings? This is the tragedy of our times, in all of this unbridled, superficial religiosity, we have forgotten to be good, kind human beings, which I truly believe god made us to be. – Shabnam Muqbil

Ambedkar’s guiding light

Reading the books of BR Ambedkar helped us to join foreign universities and compete with western world (“Reciting Hanuman Chalisa helped student enter US university, claims former chief economic advisor”). – Humaar Murugesh

Stop Madrasas to improve patriotism

Kill your expectations from others (“This book asks whether history lessons in schools and colleges can play a role in promoting peace”). – Jaison Puthoor


The first thing to improve love and patriotism is to stop all Madrasa education and bring them into mainstream education. – Sadanand Emcy

Law Commission’s ‘fishing expedition’

It was highly improper on the part of the Law Commission to launch a fishing expedition (“A Uniform Civil Code that furthers a patriarchal agenda and religious majoritarianism must be opposed”). It should have requested the government to put forward a draft of the Uniform Civil Code to enable citizens to fully examine the pros and cons of the proposed law and give their opinion about it. Gurpartap Singh


The basis of writing this article itself contradicts the very basis of a Uniform Civil Code. – Santosh Prasad