When there is a frenzied attempt to crush fundamental rights and social justice across society, there is bound to be more reportage on such issues (“Readers’ comments: Adivasis are struggling to protect their sacred lands from mining, exploitation”). Right now, this is the need of the hour. Indians deserve to know what is happening. You represent the freedom of the press. We trust you and look forward to more. – Geeta Ramakrishnan

‘NewsClick’ raid

More could be written about the New York Times report (“Delhi Police raid journalists associated with ‘NewsClick’ in UAPA case, seal office”). NewsClick may be funded by Neville Roy Singham. A video by NewsClick regarding the Chinese revolution is titled “70 years of Chinese Revolution” and has not mentioned anything about current politics, or Chinese politics since Deng Xiaoping. How can it then be “Chinese propaganda”? If someone says something about former US President Abraham Lincoln, will they become secret agents of America? This raid is politically motivated and the news in The New York Times is not misleading. – Jayarajan C N

Ties with Canada

How about exploring India’s options of legal action against Canada for harbouring Indian citizens – some of whom may have taken Canadian citizenship at some stage, that too likely illegally – who have committed crimes against the Indian state (“What recourse does Canada have under international law after accusing India of assassination?”). Starting with the bombing of the 1985 bombing of the Air India plane that killed more than 300 passengers, mostly Indians. This, even after India gave Canada the names those planning the bombing.

Now, too, India has given a list of more than 20 Indians hiding in Canada but has not received a positive response that country. These are people working against the Indian state, who threatened Indian diplomats and attacked the Indian High Commission. How far can the freedom of speech argument be stretched? – Anupam Dev


A very informative article but it seems like a long shot for Canada. So far, whatever transcripts and/or other evidence, said to be in Canada’s possession, has not come out in public domain, nor has the Canadian government shown any inclination to make it public. This indicates that whatever Canada has is not a clinching or conclusive evidence. Perhaps, it could not even be categorised as evidence and requires further investigation. No arrests have been made so far. The fundamental issue is who killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The answer to this is not readily forthcoming. – Pramod Patil

Ravidas’s poetry

This was an excellent piece written sensitively (“When a cobbler in South Bombay is seen reading the poetry of Guru Ravidas”). I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. – Narendra Dani

Donald Trump’s ‘truth’

The same question can be asked about all the autocratic leaders of the world – past and present (“Why do Donald Trump’s supporters believe he is telling the truth?”)! – Suresh Bhat Bakrabail

Too long

I started reading the report but didn’t find the motivation to read it entirely (“Why experts fear Mumbai is building heat traps”). It felt like an English assignment rather than a news article and I had to hunt for they key points to read. A little brevity would be appreciated. – Varun Iyengar


Well researched, albeit long. – AK Jain