Is this article actually advocating or imagining a short, sharp burst of communal violence in Bangladesh as fortuitous for an already torn up region (“With fifth term, Sheikh Hasina hopes to usher in a golden age for Bangladesh – but problems await”)? It is unfortunate that you are letting someone so insidious get away with publishing in what was once an esteemed carrier of contra-establishment points of view. This is going too far. – Chinmay

Slanted report on Maldives

It is hard to find a more slanted report. (“Why a social media row over Modi’s tweets led to the suspension of three Maldives ministers”). Why has the highly insulting language of Maldivian MP Zaheer Indians as a class and that they smell bad been omitted? Also, a Maldivian woman minister crassly abused Prime Minister Narendra Modi by calling him a “clown” and a “puppet of Israel”. I have never seen such virulent comments about the leader of a consistently friendly country. If all this does not matter, stop preaching about what India should do. – Shyamala Balasubramanian

Defending Savakar

VD Savarkar was ahead of his time because he freed himself from the shackles of ethics and morality, like Machiavelli, which have hung around the neck of the Hindus while they faced invasions from outside (“’Why do you forgive Muslim invaders but condemn Savarkar?’”). In international relations, the balance of power is needed to maintain peace. Savarkar was like Machiavelli – not immoral but amoral. To bring in morality while dealing with enemies has cost this nation and its culture dearly. – Arun K Upadhyaya


VD Savarkar also wrote mercy petitions for many his inmates, which was their right (“History revisited: Was Veer Savarkar really all that brave?”). He was a Hindutva leader, but please answer the following questions: Why did Savarkar oppose the caste system and suggest that everyone wear the janeu, or “sacred thread”, which only Brahmins are allowed to wear? Why does the media demean Savarkar’s time in jail? Why should a man tolerate this much pain through the precious years of his life when he can get out of jail and do his work? Why doesn’t anyone talk about Jawaharlal Nehru’s confessions during his time in Nabha jail and how his father helped to get him bail?

Savarkar accepted the Indian national flag whereas Gandhi defended the Union Jack on the Indian flag. Why aren’t you telling your readers about how Savarkar protested against Gandhi’s killing. He never advised Nathuram Godse to kill Gandhi. If Savarkar was such a traitor, why did people like Subhas Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh appreciate him? – Hitarth Acharya

Note: Subhas Chandra Bose’s descendants have refuted the claim that he was inspired by Savarkar.