This is a tepid account. True, the Bharat Jodo Yatra cannot be called a game-changer (“In Assam, Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra draws sympathy for Rahul Gandhi – support still some distance away”). But it can hardly be dismissed as a flop either. Newspapers in Assam have spoken of thousands of people assembling where Rahul Gandhi stopped to interact with waiting crowds. What, however, seems to be the clinching evidence is the daily mug shots of the usually smug Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, almost hysterical in his rage against the yatra. He has bad-mouthed Rahul Gandhi and even orchestrated attacks on the yatra. Many in Assam will be surprised by this report. – Hiren Gohain.


Sympathy? Discussing Rahul Gandhi is a waste of time. – Pranjal Das

Film reviews, inspiration

The youth of post-independent India were idealistic and took risks to fight for ideals – the freedom of expression in particular (“’Himmat’ during the Emergency: When the Press crawled, some refused to even bend”). Today the youth seem to have different, if personal, and perhaps even selfish, concerns. That our freedom is eroded is also not as clear as was the case during the Emergency in Indira Gandhi’s time. We still need Himmat to awaken the youth, the media and others. Irrespective of who or which party is in power, it is essential for us as citizens to be alert and willing to act to preserve our freedom. – Ravindra Rao


I began reading this article but did not understand the crux of the review and not even its title (“‘Main Atal Hoon’ review: A puff piece about AB Vajpayee and his party”). I assume, that the author is either a Sashi Tharoor follower or an IELTS student who is preparing or has given that exam. When people read a review, they expect to understand how the movie is, not keep a dictionary in hand. Reading this review left me so frustrated that I am taking 10 minutes of my Sunday time to express the same. – Lavanya Anupindi


I was about to buy a Scroll Annual Membership, but when I read your recent article, (“In the sly company of Vijay Sethupathi”), I changed my mind. This article is a flagrant paid-promotion for the movie Merry Christmas. With such a sly source of revenue, Scroll does not need any donation. – Kathiresan

Editor’s note: Needless to say, Scroll’s film pieces are independent and are not paid promotions.

Don’t parrot what others say

Since when did India give medical coverage or employment guarantee to its workers going abroad (“Indian workers heading to Israel will receive no medical coverage or employment guarantee: Report”)? The article itself states that the cost of medical insurance will be deducted from the salary in Israel. Israel is a developed country with medical facilities for all. It is not an Arab country that discriminates against immigrant labourers. In those countries, India has to provide guarantees to its workers. Do not parrot what other newspapers like The Hindu say. – Goldin R Bennet

More poetry, music

This was a great article on Ramana Balachandran, whose recent concert I heard live on YouTube (“The incredible rise of Ramana Balachandran from veena prodigy to Carnatic star”). I was wondering who he was and this article has thrown light on his journey. My kudos to the author for such a nice article. Keep publishing more on Indian Music and great, promising artistes like Ramana. – Bhanu Moorthy


Please keep publishing more poetry. – Purnima Shrivastava

CJI not a panacea

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud is not the panacea for all of India’s problems (“Punishing victims, rewarding perpetrators: The Supreme Court and its creative contortions”). In fact, he is probably “Aegrescit Medendo” – worsening the problems with every dosage. – Ashish Chatterjee

Interesting interview

The interview with the translator was interesting and informative (“‘A new imagination of social justice is emerging in modern Malayali fiction’: Translator J Devika”). Thanks for such endeavours. – Ananta Sabar

Manipur: No lessons learnt

Indira Gandhi nurtured Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale for political purposes and everyone knows how that ended (“In Imphal, the state’s surrender to an armed Meitei militia with ‘Taliban-like’ grip”). Now Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are supporting the Arambai Tenggol and so that their faithful N Biren Singh can remain chief minister. – Kam Guite