The government had a spot of bother on Wednesday after news that the directorate general of civil aviation had asked private airlines to extend extra privileges at airports to Members of Parliament.  These include lounge access, faster security clearance, free snacks and a special in-flight attendant to cater to their needs.

Both the DGCA and the government later denied issuing such a directive, but not before criticism, even from politicians, that such privileges were unnecessary. MPs already enjoy free flights on Air India, the national airline, along with special in-flight services and faster security clearance.

India's members of parliament are among the highest-paid parliamentarians in the world, but their privileges do not stop just there. Here are five MP perks alluring enough to make you consider joining politics.

1. Free iPads
In December 2011, the government sanctioned Rs 50,000 to each MP to buy an iPad, as part of an initiative to save paper. Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah quipped on Twitter that MPs could now play Angry Birds in Parliament's Central Hall.

2. A tax-free wage higher than MPs' earnings in Singapore or Italy
Indian MPs make Rs 1.4 lakh a month, all of it tax-free. If you include benefits, Indian MPs received a package that is higher than that of their counterparts in Singapore, Japan or Italy. It is 68 times the wage made by the average Indian.

3. 1,50,000 free phone calls per year
MPs get 1,50,000 free local calls per annum together on their telephones in Delhi and their constituencies. MPs whose constituencies are more than 1,000 km from Delhi get an additional 20,000 phone calls. They also get 50,000 units of electricity and 4,000 kilolitres of water per year.

4. Bathroom tiles
Indian MPs are entitled to rent-free flats in Delhi, with furniture valued up to Rs 24,000. Their sofa covers and curtains are laundered every three months. They can also ask for tiles in their bathrooms and kitchens.

5. Unlimited train rides for their spouses
MPs' spouses can take travel anywhere by rail in first class. Spouses get air tickets to travel with their MP partners 32 times a year. The husbands and wives of MPs from the Andamans and the Lakshadweep Islands get free steamer rides.