I play piano and melodica, and compose. My music has always been quite groove-oriented and influenced by jazz, R&B and minimalism. When I first heard Hindustani classical music I was impressed by the detailed exploration of the individual note as well as the slow unfolding of the raga form. Compositionally, I enjoy the challenge of finding new sounds out of ancient forms. Classical Indian approaches to rhythm interest me very little. It's all about the soul of the note. My favorite two Indian musicians are Bismillah Khan and Kishori Amonkar.

You can hear me here: https://nycswara.bandcamp.com and here:

Raga Miyan Ki Malhar / That's How Brooklyn Sounds

I can't really say I listen to other Indo-jazz records. I wasn't a big fan of Shakti, and most subsequent records have followed their template. This is a list of music that I love that has jazz musicians being influenced and influencing music of other cultures.

Concierto de Aranjuez
Miles Davis

The trumpet phrasing fuses jazz and Spanish music: moody.

The Trance of Seven Colors
Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders

Crazy free-jazz sax over deep Moroccan gnawa grooves: transcendent.

Salif Keita

Josef Zawinul and Wayne Shorter join Keita. Zawinul in particular plays games with the Mali groove, turning a somewhat generic rhythm track into something else entirely: joyous.

El Matador
Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection

The greatest piano player ever playing a Spanish groove with African and Brazilian drummers: exhilarating.

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