As support grows for Narendra Modi in some quarters, the internet has been flooded with songs of praise for the Bharatiya Janata Party prime ministerial candidate. Some of them are so tacky, they would appear to actually have been made by NaMo's rivals. But who's to say?

Meghna Patel's appeal to Muslim voters

A few months ago, actress Meghna Patel demonstrated her enthusiasm for NaMo by shooting in the nude (with her modesty protected by a bunch of strategically placed lotuses). Here, she shakes her hips to reiterate the message, "Our vote is very crucial. And, everybody should use it in the right way. I want every Muslim of India to vote Mr. Narendra Modi as he is right and perfect candidate."

 NaMo Youth Anthem

If you're so inclined, this ditty is also available for download as a cell-phone ring tone.

Gujarati rap by Hitesh "Cash" Keshwala

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that Me and 5 of my friends had no experience at all in shooting a video or making a video, this was our very first attempt ever to make a video," says this Modi fan from Palmsprings, California. "I really hope you guys enjoy this video made by me and my friends."

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