This video, which purports to show the crew of a Spice Jet flight between Goa and Bangalore performing a Holi dance, has earned the airline a notice from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Mint newspaper quoted a senior DGCA official, who declined to be identified, as saying that a show-cause notice has been issue to SpiceJet on Wednesday asking why their licence should not be suspended."

“They conducted eight flights on which there was dance in the aisle area harming passenger safety," the official told Mint. "The flights were reduced to a mockery, the centre of gravity of the aircraft could have been impacted. Mobiles were used to capture the show in violation of our rules. The dance could have provoked passengers into unruly behaviour. The captain came out and was dancing outside the cockpit.”

Two pilots of the airline have been suspended.

Two years ago, to celebrate India's Republic Day in 2012, Finnair's crew decided to put on an even more elaborate dance routine on a flight from Helsinki to Delhi. The crew members on that flight took lessons from a former flight attendant who went on to give dance classes in Mumbai.  In that instance, however, the routine was performed before take-off. It earned the airline excellent PR and a video that went viral.