Over the past few days, I’ve sat back and seen the liberal mafia assassinate the character of eminent historian and new chairperson of the Indian Council of Historical Research, Dr. Professor YS Rao. Of course, this was expected. Considering who appointed him, I was surprised that it took them so long.

As professor Rao said in an interview to Outlook magazine, to question his appointment is to question democracy itself. At least no one can accuse him of lacking humility.

The campaign to oust this noble teacher reached fever pitch yesterday, when a national newspaper took a blog-post that professor Rao had written all the way back in 2007 and excerpted it out of context. Classic liberal mafia! Using things a historian had written seven years ago against such a popular, hard-working and patriotic citizen of the country.

If the gotcha-journalists had published the full post, it wouldn’t have looked so bad. Reading the whole thing, it emerges that professor Rao echoed the feelings of a lot of patriots in this country when he wrote that there were a lot of good things about the caste system, things that people don’t know about because of a misinformation campaign run by the Mughal dynasty and then the British Raj.

He feels that in our hurry to be politically correct, we are unable to see the benefits of the caste system

Nothing’s Perfect!
I’m sure the caste system had some flaws. Nothing’s perfect! However, any system which has survived for thousands of years and still affects the life of millions can’t be all bad. It’s bound to have some positives! Why doesn’t the liberal mafia highlight any of these benefits, if they claim to be so neutral? That’s because they want to turn the people of this country against their own ancient culture. We’re lucky professor Rao is here to correct that.

Even today, most parents dream of their children following in their footsteps and choosing the same line of work as them. The caste system just institutionalised this desire. It’s our culture to respect the wishes of elders, whether they’re right or wrong, and our ancestors were doing just that. What sort of Westernised monster would hold that against them.

The caste system might look unfair in today’s world, but it was the right thing to do in those times. It was a great way to divide work among people. There were no TED conferences our ancestors could attend, which would explain to them the benefits of not forcing people into a lifetime of serfdom. There were no books about management theory explaining Maslow's hierarchy of needs that they could refer to. They just had to go by common sense, and during those times, condemning people to a lifetime of poverty, hunger, disease and sadness so that you could live a life of unmitigated and uninterrupted joy seemed like a sensible thing to do.

Offer Letter
Another advantage of a rigid caste system, as professor Rao elucidates, is that it ensured job security for everyone. It was like getting an offer letter the minute you were born. You didn’t even have to make a resume. There was no need for a LinkedIn account. Followers of the caste system weren’t bothered by unsolicited calls from Planman consultants. They didn’t need to go to terrible interviews in which they were forced to pretend to care about the hand soap they would soon be shilling. They just had the job. What more could they ask for?

Just like the good professor, I haven’t heard any complaints about the caste system either. Granted, I have only spoken to its beneficiaries, but they would know if people below their station were suffering, wouldn’t they?

The liberal mafia doesn’t like that a person who is actually proud of our heritage is now running the ICHR. They sent one of their big guns, Marxist hero and likely ISI agent Romila Thapar to take him on. Thapar had the temerity of accusing Professor Rao of not publishing anything in a peer-reviewed journal. That is not a disqualification, Ms. Thapar. That makes him even more awesome! He published his work on his blog and it was reviewed by perhaps the greatest intellectual force the world has ever known: people who leave anonymous comments on the internet. Anyway, these so called peers are also agents of the liberal mafia, so why should the good professor bother about them?

The Proper Past
As professor Rao wrote in one of his blog posts, the only reason we’re behind other countries is because of an international conspiracy to keep us from succeeding. The rest of the world is scared of what we will be capable of doing when we realise our full potential. And we can only realise our potential when we properly understand our past.

Five thousand years ago, we were the America of the world, except with better gun control. But systematic invasions weakened us. Professor Rao rightly determines that our country faced an unprecedented number of invasions because of our rich heritage. They didn’t come after India’s wealth, no. They couldn’t get enough of our culture.

Professor Rao writes that the ancients had a portal where they could connect with our gods. That’s right. Our ancestors could literally FaceTime with the good lord anytime they wanted to. That helped them gain knowledge about everything under the sun, before the western world could even develop language skills. Yet our forefathers were not boastful about this fact!

With our bank of ancient wisdom and the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, we could have even invented the internet. But we refused to do it because we knew it would lead to wide distribution of free pornography. Which is another Western import that is ruining the pure minds of our country’s youth. This is why I applaud the brave efforts of our new health minister to get people in this country to stop having sex altogether, so that we can preserve our way of life.

Caste in Education
Another advantage of having professor Rao as our historian-in-chief is that this will aid him in his relentless quest to pin-point the exact date of the main battle of the Mahabharata. Despite what the brainwashed pinko Commie agents tell you, we all know that there is nothing metaphorical about our ancient texts. It’s all literal. These events actually happened. As you can see, these aren’t just stories passed from one generation to the next until someone was thoughtful enough to note it down. Nope. These were passed around word for word, without the narrator’s biases or abilities of comprehension interfering with the narrative.

But there are other important questions that need to be asked too. What sort of weapons system did they use? Did Sanjay see the battle on an LCD or plasma television? Was some of the miscommunication on the battlefield a result of using a Vodafone connection? Did Arnab Goswami ask tough questions in the interview he conducted with Duryodhan?

For that to happen, we need to give professor Rao as much support as he needs in his new role at the ICHR.

The established Marxist historians have dominated the ICHR for many decades. People like professor Rao have been denied access to positions of eminence in the upper echelons of the historian community. It’s time to end this apartheid!

What sort of horrible individual would suppress the rights of others based on an arbitrary code of conduct that gives no choice to those at the bottom of the pyramid?

Oh, wait.