In the video clip below, an Israeli man wearing a leather jacket chases a woman in a long skirt. They dance and sing around a phallic-looking object garlanded with jasmine flowers. The Hindu gods Hanuman and Durga peer from picture frames in the background.

“I need to feel safe and sheltered, secure and protected,” the woman sings, gazing into the man's eyes.

“I promise to defend you, fulfill your expectations, shield you and support you, meet my obligations,” he replies with some passion.

Given the sexual tension, viewers could be forgiven for thinking there was only one way in which this was headed. To their disappointment, they will find that the man is urging the woman to make not love but war.

The clip is an advertisement pregnant with symbolism: Man Israel wants to sell woman India the military wares of a company he founded in 1948, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

It may have had some effect. India announced in February that Rafael, which began as a research and development laboratory, will collaborate with India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation to make an integrated missile-defence system. Perhaps another video will persuade Indian officials to sign the contract later this year.

The ad might also explain India’s measured comments about Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip since July 7, which has left more than 200 Palestinians dead.

Over the years, India has gradually modified its once strongly pro-Palestinian stand, as defence ties with Israel have increased. Israel is now the second-largest supplier of weapons to India, after Russia.

Israeli firms regularly participate in defence exhibitions and fairs in India, including the biennial Aero India air show and exhibition held in Bangalore by the ministry of defence. This video was created by Rafael for Aero India 2009 in Bangalore.

Israel is less reluctant than the US to share its technological expertise with India, which makes it a valuable partner as India seeks to improve its ability to design and manufacture weapons.