In another display of cross-cultural ties, a Pakistani law student became particularly popular with Indians after he tweeted a series of Mughal paintings with modern back stories set in Pakistan.

Mansoor Bashir, who tweets as Buffetkhor under the handle @MyDixonCider, was inspired by a similar Twitter profile called @WtfRenaissance that does the same thing with Renaissance paintings.

Ellen was always buying fisherman pants at music festivals, and had finally figured out another use for them.

Bashir decided to put a Pakistani twist on the series. He selected the Mughal era of paintings simply because they were easily available online.

“I was astonished to see how many people from India liked them enough to actually expect me to deliver more,” he said. “Both countries have people from the same cultural background so it's obvious that they'd find it amusing just as me and my fellow compatriots did.”

Bashir said he had gained around 300 followers since he posted the series.

“I'm actually thrilled to see that they [Indians] liked it so much,” he added. “After all the animosity between Pakistan and India during cricket matches on social media, it's refreshing to see the two get along over things as mundane as this.”

Here is a selection from his profile:

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