Prime Minister Narendra Modi isn't exactly the jovial type. Sure, he peppers his speeches with a bit of light humour occasionally, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would enjoy a comedy night on television. So what could possibly make him really happy? The same thing that makes heads of states happy all over the world: leaving their own countries to visit friendly allies.

And by any measure, it seems like Modi managed to have a blast in Japan (even if no nuclear deal was signed). Since he also happens to be the Selfie Era Prime Minister, every moment of this fun journey was documented and promptly tweeted by the prime minister's official twitter account.


The PM meets Japan’s President, Shinzo Abe, who he is generally said to get along with very well. It shows.

Fishy business

Modi and Abe fed koi, a Japanese variety of carp, at the State Guest House in Kyoto.

Chaiwala bliss

The Prime Minister gets to check out the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, while expressing his approval.

Lend me your ears

Modi made some unlikely friends at the Kinkakaju temple in Kyoto.

Tuned out

The beaming PM got a chance to air out his pipes in an elementary school.


The PM even got to drum up a beat of his own.