Celebrated graffiti creator Banksy is the perfect metaphor for the internet age: he is anonymous, his work might not be strictly legal, and all his new art goes viral almost as soon as he makes it.

The most anybody knows about the UK-based artist is that nobody knows who he really is. In one of the few interviews he has ever given, he also admitted that does not think much of the pizza in Moscow or Beijing. Although his satirical paintings are often pointedly anti-establishment, people are willing to pay millions of dollars to buy them, something that he mocked in a sign that said "I can't believe you morons actually buy this shit."

Graffiti is considered vandalism in the UK and could attract a fine of as much as £5,000, or almost Rs 5 lakh. Banksy uses stencils to paint his immediately identifiable works overnight without being caught.

Banksy also does not seem to care for social media, if his paintings are to be believed, but that does not mean he does not attract a devoted following. The following is a selection from @thereaIbanksy, a fan Twitter account that does not limit itself to only Banksy's work.