When it came to matters of social well-being, 36% of Indians said they were suffering – an inordinately high number, according to an extensive global poll just conducted by Gallup.

Only 16% of Indians reported being being happy with their day-to-day lives, while only one in five Indians said they were happy with their financial situation. One in two say they are struggling.

“India’s leaders have tremendous opportunities to improve well-being among the country’s massive population,” said the report. “If India can better promote job growth and infrastructure development to adapt to its rapid demographic and social changes, it could join China as a preeminent global economic force.”

The index of well-being devised from the data ranks India 71st out of 135 countries. The index included five elements of well-being: purpose (did respondents like what they did each day), social (having supportive relationships and love), financial (managing their economic life to reduce stress and increase security), community (liking where they live, feeling safe, and having pride in their neigbourhood) and physical (having good health and enough energy to get things done daily).

One in three Indians said that they were thriving in terms of community, reporting that they liked where they lived. India does particularly well when it comes to community well-being. This is where Pakistanis were most unhappy. “Further, more than one in three Pakistanis are suffering in purpose well-being, which may reflect the lack of safety and security that are vital to well-being,” the researchers said.

Only 23% of Indians thrive when it comes to physical well-being, but that number is remarkably close to the global average of 24%. Pakistanis beat everyone in the subcontinent with 27%.

Indians lag behind the world average in four of the five categories, only besting it for community well-being.