Every Indian family has a vacation album. You know, that collection of awkward photographs that you have to show the relatives when you’re back from abroad but then you’d prefer to ignore for the most part (except for the ones that you’re secretly actually proud of?). Well Prime Minister Narendra Modi is no different.

We already know he actually looks like he’s having fun when he goes abroad, unlike his predecessor. But as he comes to the conclusion of his 10-day mega tour of three different countries with the intent of meeting more than 40 leaders, he’s racked up an impressive list of photos on the sidelines of important summits that would fit into any album back home.

It starts of course in the airport, with the obligatory shot of the entire gang setting off together.

This also usually means some of the fancier clothes have been pulled out for the big trip, which have to be shown off some.

Then there are the awkward meetings with old relatives, people you haven’t spoken to in years but have to visit if you’re in town.

The itinerary always has that one place you’re scheduled to go see that you’re never sure why it made it to the list.

Nevertheless, it is an opportunity to untuck and wear vacation clothes

“I’m not sure what it is, but it sounds good.”

On the way you might bump into an old acquaintance who you’d met on another visit before. Small world.

And there's a few acquaintances you're not that delighted to catch up with.

Before it ends, there has to be a big family photo that everyone’s got to pose for. But first, take the silly picture.

And then take the actual posed photo, which is still a bit silly.

Once you’ve got into the groove, though, it’s time to enjoy the trip a bit.