Instagram, an online and mobile photo- and video-sharing service, is riding high on popularity in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi joined the platform in November and amassed 1.4 lakh followers in a matter of a few days. He posted pictures of himself travelling and meeting guests and became a sensation on Instagram, which also serves as a social networking platform.

Photographers and photojournalists from India are flocking to the network and uploading their work, and the feeds of those who follow them are getting filled with colours of the country. Indeed, if one follows the right people on Instagram, one can find more than just selfies and cat pictures.

People can now use phone cameras to capture street scenes, and Instagram has become a hub for many street photography projects. The platform confines photos to a square shape.

Here is a selection of some of the best Instagram accounts that capture India's vibrant diversity.

Instagram: @indiapictures
Followers: 43,500
USP: Curated account of pictures from across the country

Indiapictures has a mix of images of the country taken by a variety of people.

Instagram: @siddharthajoshi
Followers: 7,760
USP: Travel pictures and nature photography

Siddhartha Joshi is a Pune-based industrial designer as well as a travel blogger. He posts pictures of his travels, often along with some history and folklore.

Instagram: @khannachandan
Followers: 17,700
USP: Portraits of Delhi’s streets

Chandan Khanna is an AFP photo journalist who goes deep into Delhi's life to capture the spirit of common people, who do not often get the attention of a photographer's lens.

Instagram: @bombaybhukkad
Followers: 7,716
USP: This is all about eating and reviewing food on the streets of Mumbai.

It is an anonymous account-holder from Mumbai who posts lots of food pictures as well as the reviews. The pictures come in all shapes and sizes and might leave you craving for some dishes.

Instagram: @fotobaba
Followers: 4,936
USP: Captures life on the streets of India

This is the account of documentary maker and travel photographer George Koruth, who is quick to spot colours and patterns on mundane city walls. His work revolves around the lives of  common people.

Instagram: @namabird
Followers: 2,041
USP: Photographs cities in a myriad shades of greys.

Nameeta Prakash introduces hundreds of shades of greys in her pictures. She posts pictures from her journeys across deserts and mountains. She loves to play with shadows.

Instagram: @purplekarma
Followers: 1,071
USP: Portraits that offer a glimpse into human behaviour

Prateek Ahuja is the co-founder of the Delhi Instagramers Guild, a club that organises photo walks and Instagram meets for its members. He shoots everything from children to monuments, and tries to tell their stories.

Instagram: @sonivivek
Followers: 1,482
USP: Off-beat experiments with colours

Vivek Soni is a petroleum engineer and photographer who has taken to Instagram to showcase his talent. He often explores the various lights in the city and the silhouettes they create.