The sheer scale of the AAP victory in Delhi, not just in terms of seats but also the vote share, has left most political analysts stunned.  It's a complete turnaround from the Lok Sabha elections back in May last year when BJP won all seven seats.  Once it became clear that the AAP was heading for a result bettering even the most optimistic of exit poll projections, the barbs on Twitter came thick and fast. It was inevitable that the Prime Minister's derisive reference to opinion polls would be pilloried, and it was:

Given the stunning scale of victory, there were genuine questions too:

  Some possible solutions were offered:

The winner, however, came up with his own brand of gracious trolling:


Once the Congress's chief ministerial candidate Ajay Maken resigned, as did Delhi Congress President Arvinder Singh Lovely, the reminders to the Congress could not have been any less direct:





Meanwhile, the Mufflerman ruled:

The "Obamapose" was widely appreciated, as AAP's Arvind Kejriwal stepped forward to introduce his wife in his acceptance speech, something the PM has not done:


  And then, of course, there was Kiran Bedi:

  She obliged with a press conference in which she insisted more than once that she had not lost:

If the jokes were cruel, it was only inevitable:



But Kiran Bedi was not the only target: there was plenty of all round hilarity:




Earlier in the day, from newspapers we learnt that February 10 had been declared the 'National Deworming Day'.


Meanwhile, the usually vocal Modi supporters were reduced to offering rationalisations:


In the end, though, only one fundamental question remained:

All suggestions about the song he should sing in comments please.