Madison police in the US state of Alabama has released camera footage of police officers throwing a 57-year-old Indian citizen on the sidewalk outside his son's home.

The shocking incident took place on February 6 when Sureshbhai Patel was taking a walk near his son's house in Madison.

The Madison Police said they received a call about a "suspicious person" in the neighbourhood.

The video shows Sureshbhai walking quietly down a sidewalk when the police arrive. They found Sureshbhai, and assaulted him "without any provocation just because he did not know English and was unable to answer to their questions," as the Times of India reported.

The video shows the officers approaching Patel and asking him for his name, address and identity card.  Patel says "No English" and points towards his son's home.

One of the police officers, later identified as Eric Parker, is seen violently throwing Patel on the ground and threatening him, leaving him paralysed, apparently by shock.

Patel's attorney, Henry F Sherrod, said he has suffered swelling to his spine and required surgery to fuse two vertebrae. He remains unable to use all of his limbs.

Sureshbhai's son, Chirag Patel, has been quoted as saying that his father was visiting to help his wife care for their new baby, a 17-month-old son, so he could pursue his masters degree in electrical engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Madison police chief has recommended that the concerned officer be fired for his use of force against a man who committed no crime, did not speak English and could not understand the commands.