Arvind Kejriwal's act of breaking into song when he took oath of office as Delhi chief minister for the first time in December 2013 had come in for a fair bit of commentary.

Unlike the last time, though, when everyone was taken by surprise, there had been a fair bit of speculation about whether he would do it again.

He did not disappoint.

Like the last time, he apologised about being a terrible singer, before going on to solemnly sing the same two verses from the song he had sung on the earlier occasion, praying for brotherhood among people, asking them to be united against divisiveness and injustice.

The song that was originally sung by Manna Dey for the old Hindi film Paigham was written by Pradeep and is routinely used as a prayer at Aam Aadmi Party meetings.

The song from December 2013.

And as always, the Delhi chief minister polarised opinion. There were those who mocked the chief minister's singing.

But many were approving.