Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi announced on Monday that he is taking a few weeks’ “leave of absence” from the party to “reflect upon recent events and the future course of the party”. The Grand Old Party surely needs some direction. In the last one year, it has lost a series of polls, last being the Delhi Assembly elections, and generally been seen as adrift. Few however believe that Rahul Gandhi, forever a reluctant politician, will be able to steer the Congress back on course.

As soon the announcement was made, scepticism and mirth poured out on Twitter. Everyone, including senior scribes, underlined the Nehru-Gandhi scion’s poor leadership. Especially noted was the fact that his sabbatical began on the first day of Parliament’s budget session, when a strong opposition is needed to countervail some of the government’s legislative agenda.

Congress leaders were adamant that Rahul Gandhi will resume an active role in the party following his return after a few weeks. But there was no word from them, or Sonia Gandhi, on what he will do during his “leave of absence”. Twitter, however, had many suggestions:

He can gain some popularity through a route used by others.

The journalists on hand provided some perspective.



The jokes flowed freely.



Twitter users did not let the opportunity die easily. 



Maybe after his sabbatical, he will win the Oscar next year.

Do we really want to imagine that world?

Some people do eventually get tired of holidays.

Rahul doesn't realise that none of the Congress workers are in office anymore after the recent Delhi elections.